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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Haunted Highschool.

This photoshoot was taken like almost half a year ago! And I just got the pictures from the photographers last week! They sent me a few of it a week after the photoshoot but delayed the rest until now omg. =.= The pain of waiting for something. Damn. How I hate waiting. :(

This photoshoot was totally accidental. My bestie, Yiguo, has a few friends who are free-lance photographers and they will do a photoshoot for fun from time to time. They all have other professions but photography is their hobby. Yiguo joined their photoshoot quite a lot of times before and this time she asked me along too! Thank you darling!

The 3 photographers have so many cameras!!! Each one of them have at least 3 cameras hanging on their shoulder throughout the photoshooting session, because they say they need different lens or camera for different effects. O_O I can just say, they are so damn rich. LOL. I can't even afford a nice semi-DSLR camera. *maybe if I stop spending money on clothing I might afford to buy one hmm.* XD

We didn't know where we would be shooting at until the photoshoot day! The photographers had chosen an abandoned highschool in HongKou area! It was in the middle of getting demolished, and actually we shouldn't go in. Anyway 5 of us sneaked in and there were so many broken glasses and rubbles on the ground! And a lot of holes on the ground as well!!! If anyone come at night and didn't see the holes they might fall down to the lower floor and....... I don't dare to imagine what will happen. :(

Now I think back, I'm actually very lucky that I didn't cut my feet walking on the glasses! Hahahaa! Good quality shoes I guess. :D

The blackboards are still there and all the laboratory sinks as well. It has this really eerie haunted feel there. Luckily the sun that day was really bright so I feel safer. LOL.
I'm not really fond of ghosts just in case you want to know. Hahaha!

The photographers like to take photos that are not focused on the people. Unlike those photoshoot that we usually went and did in the studios where we will always be the center of the pictures, these photographers prefer the subject to mesh into the surrounding. Which I find pretty cool. 

They also don't care if your face look ugly or weird, if they like the feel of the photo, they'll announce that that's a good photo. LOL. 

For example this photo, I think I look like a crazy woman and my face look incredibly fugly, but this is actually one of their fav shoot of the day. Hmm.

Hahaha that's Yiguo flinging her stripey scarf on me. Super not match I know but the photographers say they like my expression in this photo LOL.

I brought 2 outfits so I changed to another one when we got up to the rooftop. A loose asymmetrical top.

If you look closer at this photo you'll notice the background where there are a lot of plants creeping up the building! I wonder how long this building has been abandoned!

Love what the wind did to my hair in this picture!

Very candid picture lol. I was trying to look down the building when the photographers were shooting Yiguo. I didn't know they took this picture. XD

Love this picture that doesn't have my face! Hahahaha! Sometimes I prefer pictures without my face.

With Yiguo. :)

I'm pretty sure this is another candid shot. LOL.

Look at all the vine crawling all over the building!!!!!! Despite the old haunted look of it I think it's a great photoshoot place if you want those sad, alone, eerie feel.
I shouldn't smile in these pictures LOL! It seems weird especially the photographers edited it in B&W mode. Hahaha!

See? It's better without smile. XD

I learned a lot from this photoshoot and I realised I get really stiff in front of the camera. Especially when I know someone is taking my picture, I'll get so stiff and frigid and my expression kinda stoned like that. I can only get good pictures when the pictures are candid, I need someone to distract me/talk to me/make me laugh.

Now I get slightly better with the posing pictures but I still prefer pictures that are in motion. :) Looking forward to more photoshoot like this in the future! :)))

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