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Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm Batman's Wife, Or His Daughter....-in-law? Whatever. ;)

Did I mention I'm back in Malaysia??? I'm here for a month already but I actually didn't blog ANYTHING about Malaysia yet. Gee, what have I been blogging about??? O.O *looks back archive* 

Anyway, I think I'll make a compact post summarize up my month in Malaysia soon. :) There'll just be like 2 weeks more and I'll get back to Shanghai! And.... start my new sem. *feeling reluctant and looking forward to it at the same time* I really enjoy my hectic school life, and playing music! Nothing's better than that! :)

Today's post will be an outfit post! I went to Singapore last week and my cousin brought me to this awesome shopping place called Bugis Street! :D I ended up getting myself some really cute stuff, all at really reasonable prices and great quality! :D And I got my very first 2 skater-skirts and 2 cropped tops! :D

Those are the IN thing nowadays isn't it? And I think I should have a go at it before the trend goes out. LOL.

At first I didn't have the confidence of wearing cropped top because I never really expose my belly/ribcage before and I think that looks weird. Somemore, I have this idea that only SMALL and SKINNY people can wear cropped tops, not tall and bottom-heavy people like me. That's why I didn't dare to wear any cropped tops before!

Since I already invested in the tops I guess I'll still have to wear them out somehow and overcome my doubts and fears. :) I spent some time searching up some tips on how to wear cropped tops.

Let me share the tips with you guys:
1) You DON'T need to be small and skinny to wear cropped tops.
2) Don't worry about your belly being big or whatsoever, because when you wear cropped tops, you only exposed your RIBCAGE not your belly. :D Which will give people the illusion that THAT is your waistline and give you the hour-glass figure. HAH!
3) If you don't have a flat tummy, it's better to cover your belly button with something high-waisted. High-waisted shorts/skirts/jeans whatever.
4) Of course if you're really skinny and you'd love to show off your flat belly/belly ring, go ahead and wear a usual shorts. :) You'll look hot. 

For me, I don't like to show my belly button, so show ribcage only la can? :D I think that works best on me. :)

See how the exposed ribcage gives people the illusion that it's our real waistline?
Truth is my real waistline should be bigger than that by a few cm diameter LOL. *play cheat* oops!

Oh wheeee swings! Didn't play this thing for a century. 

Love the lighting! :) Credits to my mom for all the pictures in this post! :D All taken by my faithful Samsung Galaxy S3. 
You know a year ago when I start teaching my mom to take pictures for me she wasn't sure how to take, which angle to take and everything. So I just tell her, okay I'll tell you what I want and I'll decide the angle, you just keep clicking away when I move around. :D

You'll be able to find SOME nice shots in those. Hahahahaha! :) Thanks mom! :)

Oh btw, just some advice, don't wear a short skirt/dress to the beach. Big mistake. LOL. Luckily my skater-skirt is made from a pretty thick material so it doesn't fly-up! :D

Connector-rings! I'm going to look for more in Shanghai. :) Soon you guys will see a lot of arm swags in my blog. :D

OOTD: Everything from Bugis except my braided headband-made-into-bracelet and my flip-flop which I got in Shanghai at the roadside for RM7. Hahahaha!

Got home after the brief beach trip and decided to try another styling! :) This time using high-waisted shorts and a high ponytail! :) Edged up the look a bit. :)

Look more bad-ass huh? Got the feel of Batman's wifey or not? 
Wait... He's kinda too... old for me. So maybe I'll be his daughter..........-in-law??? Whatever??!?? Hahahaha! *make sure his son is hot or not first, if he has a son lah*

So do you like the skater-skirt styling or the shorts version? :) Lemme know!

Oh and I bought a new phone case from Bugis too! :) Totally match the outfit. <3 And Daphne babe has a same one too! *high 5s!!!!!!!!!* Hehehehe!

Hope you guys like this outfit post and enjoy styling yourselves with cropped tops too! :) Don't be afraid it isn't really that scary! :)))

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