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Friday, August 16, 2013

Nothing Beats The Combination Of Sun & Sea.

I know I've been neglecting my blog like forever. *guilt-stricken* So I think I should start getting it running actively by finishing my post on Qingdao Trip. :) I guess I'll stuff 2-days-activities in one post since there weren't a lot of pictures taken on the last day! :S

The third day in Qingdao, I woke up really early to pack and move to another hostel, because Qingdao is like a hot piece of cake everybody wants and most of the hostel were full when I called to book. So I had to settled for 2 different hostels. 

I still haven't recover from the previous day activities, so you'll have to excuse my swollen eyebags. LOL.

This is the entrance of my new hostel! :) It's located on the German street in Qingdao. Qingdao was under the German territory last time so there were a lot of German-influenced culture and buildings there.

I am not very impressed with the new hostel though, especially in terms of hygiene. :( The bathroom especially, was in the basement with really bad lighting and the showerhead doesn't really have much water coming out of it!!!! Not happy about that. :(

Changed into my bikini and easier outfit because I'm heading to the beach later! :) Decided to braid my hair since I'm feeling rather bored of my hair down all the time. :D

You know I've been checking out all those hair-do tutorials and got really excited to try out a few of it, but when it comes I'm just really lazy to do it.
Maybe I'll try them out really soon and make a post about the outcome! :)

Really excited to find a small restaurant full of music instruments and a white piano! :) The owner was generous enough to let us played on it. :) And in return, we had lunch there, eating spicy clams AGAIN. XD

Me with the famous Qingdao beer. Hahaha! Ended up taking only a sip and wasted the whole glass. T_T

I know. I eat all the time. LOL. There's this really nice cafe called Tommy Boy in Qingdao that has the best doughnut ever! :)

Got my hair into a braid again after the tea session and walked to the beach! :)
I like how the camera doesn't focus on me! :)

When I saw this I was like, ARE THOSE DOTS HUMANS?!?!!!!!

And my fear was proven right when there were like THOUSANDS of people at the beach. LOL. And it doesn't help when there are a lot of sea weed on the beach as well as in the sea. OMG.
So dirty I was having a second thought before going for a swim. :(

Anyway, I decided not to waste my bikini. Hahaha! I bought it specially for a nice beach time. My very first pair of bikini because I can't imagine wearing any in Malaysia. Culture difference. LOL.
I was expecting a better beach time but anyway, I'll have to make do with this one, seaweed and all. :/

I'll still vote for Malaysian beaches! :)


I got a good swim afterwards. The water was ice-cold!!! It took me a while to get used to the water temperature. It was actually quite nice if you don't think about the seaweed sticking to your body and the amount of people around you. Hahaha!


The last day in Qingdao, we just walk around the city area to visit those famous tourist spots that we missed a few days ago.

Some pictures on the French street!

Found this beautiful blue-and-white castle and was really hyped about it! :D Hahahaa!

We got lost and ended up in a convenience store asking for directions. Hahaha! I spent the time taking selfie while my friend bought the map and talked animatedly to the store owner.

The 3-wheel car!!!! Nvr see this kinda car before! Hahahaha! I kept worrying that it might topple over!

I posted the spicy clams pictures on my wechat for 3 days straight and my friends also beh-tahan and they asked me WHY DO YOU KEEP EATING THE SAME THING??!!! 

Hahahahaha, uhm, I don't know. I'm a pretty weird person, when I like something I tends to keep eating the same thing. XDDD

So to sooth their "outrage" I decided to try out the fried tongue-fish there! :) And it was so good!!!

This is the landmark of Qingdao! Though my friend and I prefer to call it the red dung. Oops.
The shape really looks like shit to me! Hahahahhaa!

Last place we went was the Lovers' Harbour there that had a lot of pubs but none of them had any live performances. :(
So boring. We wanted to watch music performances there in the first place, and went through a lot of pain asking around but nobody knows anything about it. :'(

Anyway, the sea breeze at night made up for everything! :)

That was all about my Qingdao trip! :) I'll definitely go back again for more seafood! Hahahahha!
Till then, XOXO! :)

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