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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

22 Things I Want Myself To Know At 22.

My bestie, Yingz sent me this link today :25 Things I Want Myself To Know At 25 and I'm inspired. :)

Mary Schmidt was 25 that year and she was feeling lost and having a quarter life crisis. So she asked her family to write a letter to themselves at 25, imparting some kind of wisdom or advice to their former self that they wish they had known at their age. So Mary wrote down 25 things that she wants herself to know at 25 too after reading her family members' responses. :)

I think I'm going to write 22 things that I want myself to know at 22 too. :) Things that I've learnt recently and things that I know but tends to forget. :) I'll include some points from Mary's too.

22 Things I Want Myself To Know At 22:

1) Don't judge before you know somebody or until you've walked in their shoes. Everybody has their own life/problems/miseries they don't need your judmental looks/comments to add to them. Try to be more understanding and patient to others. There's always something beautiful you can find in a person! Look for it, and cherish that.

2) Nothing is more important than family. Listen when your parents start to nag, do house chores for them and talk to them whenever you can, because believe it or not, their biggest joy is to be with you and even if you just stay silently beside them doing your own things they'll feel contented and happy too. Remember, they'll not ALWAYS be around.

3) Don't be an ungrateful person. Nobody is supposed to help you to do anything. Not your family, friends, not even your boyfriend. Some girls tend to say, "He's your bf he's supposed to pay for you/buy this or that for you, or else he doesn't love you." or "She's my mom it's her job to clean up all these things in the house. She does that all the time!"Well, listen carefully, nobody HAS to do that for you. They can do it if they want to, but it's not mandatory. Say thank you when somebody do a nice thing for you and appreciate it.

4) Never think that you're too important. The world doesn't revolve around you. Stop being fussy or sulk when things don't go the way you want. Never think you're too pretty/too smart/too perfect. Be humble.

5) Don't go on FB too much, it is a waste of time, really. (Totally agree with Mary on this one!)

6) If you have free time, indulge in something you like. Be it cooking, drawing, reading. Anything that you can learn something from. Don't stay in front of the computer or tv. Get up off your ass! :)

7) Dream big, and work on it. Keep saying YOU CAN DO IT a thousand times when you think you're not going to make it. Somehow it always works.

8) Make time for your loved ones. Friends or family. Don't be the kind of person who're always "too busy" or "too important". One day you might regret it and realise you've missed out so much. Make time for a little walk, a little chat, a little afternoon tea. Make time.

9) Keep an open mind. Get to know a lot of different people, make all kinds of friends. Learn from them and you'll find out how little things you actually know about this world.

10) Accept challenges. Try to do things that you haven't do before. If it scares you, the more you need to do it and then you'll find out that there's no limitation to your capabilities. And every time you'll just learn something more and grow wiser.

11) Get into a healthy lifestyle. Your body is getting older everyday, you'll have to start taking care of it from now. Don't sleep too late, don't eat too much junk food and eat more greens and fruits. Work out more. I know it feels like you're dying when you're working out, but the sweet refreshed feeling afterwards is all worth it. Be responsible of your own body!

12) Always stay positive even when life turns bad. Find out something good in the day and hold on to it. Take a little walk, have a bit of ice cream, get some fresh air and listen to some music. Stay cheerful because the fact is, no matter how crazy or how tragic the problem is, it all goes away with time. Don't be afraid. Time takes it all away.

13) Be happy with yourself. Your flat little button nose, your heavy bottom, the non-existing thigh gap, unbalanced eyes. You are you, and you're the only special one in the world.

14) Be a girl that you will look up to. You can have fun, have a little drink and party but you should know how far you should go and when to stop. You have to respect and love yourself then only others would.

15) Keep a clear and rational head. Don't go with the flow. Listen to all the opinions/suggestions/advices, and then decide which one suits you best. Don't just go like "Oh right! She says this is good for me, so I probably should do it." Think. You're not a kid anymore.

16) Explore and discover. Explore a new city you've come into or even your own neighbourhood! Who knows? You might find out something nice in your neighbourhood that you've live in for 20 years! Open your eyes and look for the small details. It brightens up your soul.

17) Don't be afraid to get yourself dirty. Roll on the grass or the beach and sigh. Life is good like that. Try to bring a novel and go read in a park more often. Sit under a tree or lay with your belly flopped down on the grass and start reading. God, it feels so good. [ps: it really feels good! I've tried it!]

18) Express your love to the people you care. Tell them you love them, give them surprises on their birthdays etc. Small gestures can make somebody's day and you'll be happy too when they're happy.

19) It's okay to cry. Just let it all out. It helps to detoxify your body anyway!

20) Have fun, laugh and make ugly faces if that makes you happy. Don't worry about destroying your image. You don't have any to start with. Hahaha!

21) Posture. Always check if you're standing straight. You don't look good slouching.

22) Lastly, I think you're wonderful. You forget this sometimes so I just wanted to remind you.

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