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Saturday, July 6, 2013

How I Got Into A Beauty Contest.

Dearies, I'm back, after 1 and a half month. O___O
Didn't know I've gone for so long hahahahahahaaaa, you guys can blame my exam. Super tension one okay? Exam in Shanghai Conservatory of Music is no fun business.

Anywayyyy it's all done now and I'm happy with my results so I decided to go back into blogging business again. Resurrect my dead blog. *amen*

The first thing I want to blog about is this longggg overdued Thai Festival Beauty Contest back in May! :DDDD Crazy stuff but so much fun! Read on and you'll know how I got myself in this. LOL!

Sometime at the end of April I got a call from my Thai friend, Kloy. She told me about this Thai Festival in Donghua University that would be happening on 18th May. There'll be a lot of yummy Thai food (my ears pricked up at that) and a Miss Songkran Contest.

To be honest, I was attracted to the FOOD. My life is about FOOD, GOOD FOOD. So I imagine a fun carnival full of Thai goodies, tomyamkung for instance! And I got really excited.

Kloy continued to tell me about the Miss Songkran beauty contest stuff and I was like, you want me to go? You see, each school has to send out 2 contestants. And Kloy thought of me and Zoe. My mind is all about the food so I was like yeah I would love to go! So I went. 

We had a practice session in Fudan University a week before the contest where a group of super nice Thai girls taught us how to introduce ourselves in Thai. There would be 3 sessions in the contest. First, introduce yourself in Thai. Second, the talent show. And lastly the Miss Popular Vote. 

I tried to memorise as much Thai as I could. Lemme see, I only had like 3 Thai friends in my life. Tar, San and Kloy. And the only Thai I learnt from Tar was something like, "Raojipayihongnam" which means "I want to go to the washroom." =.=

And we got our Thai costume after a few days. Everyone has a different costume btw. Each one is from different area of Thailand!

Soon, it was the contest day! The weather was bad, and I felt sorry for the people who had worked hard to organise the event. It was raining so heavily! :(

There were altogether 12 contestants, from all around the world LOL LOL. Italy, Spain, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Russia, Korea, Japan and China. Btw Zoe didn't join because she couldn't make it that day. So I was the only representative from my school. And I didn't really take this thing seriously. I mean, I just wanted to go and have fun and I was shy to ask my friends to come to support me because I felt ridiculous myself. 

So nobody knew about this whole thing and I went there alone. Other contestants had like a group of Thai friends helping them to dress up and practise their Thai introduction session while I sat there feeling helpless. 

I was really grateful with the organisers there! The Thai girls were AMAZING! Isaree is the first people I wanted to thank so badly. She brought me the costume all the way from her school (super far ok?) and on the contest day she helped me to put on the costume and a few other sweet Thai girl helped me to curl my hair. 

And this girl who has her back facing the camera is Preaw! Really love her! She's the best! She knew I didn't have anyone who came with me so she was by my side all the time. Teaching me how to speak Thai and everything. T_________T So gan dong omg!!!

That's my retarded face trying to learn Thai. Hahahah.

Other contestants getting ready. :)

L to R: Korea, China, Malaysia, Russia.

Before the contest started, there was this ceremony where we had to pour water on the judges palms, and they gave us their wishes. :)

Oops here goes.

I introduced myself as usual nothing special LOL.

The other contestants were more well prepared! They included dance, songs and Thai jokes inside their introduction and the crowd went crazy! So creative!!! They must have put a lot of effort into learning that! :) 

This pretty girl here is from Malaysia too! :) She has a very sweet smile and she can sing Thai and dance Thai dance. Very geng. :)

Here's the pretty contestant from Japan! :) She is also the winner of the Miss Popular Vote. We'll get to that later hahaha!

Her introduction was pretty funny because she got there late and she didn't memorise the Thai words so she copied the Thai words on her palm and looked at it when she introduced herself. Her palm is full of blue ink LOL.

There were like a group of Japanese guys down there who were screaming their heads off when she was on the stage hahahahhaa!! :DDDD One of them was like, "YOU ARE MY ANGEL!!!"

Can't blame them, she's really pretty! :))))

This is the contestant from Indonesia! She speaks such fluent Thai you would think she's a Thai herself! She got a hugeeeee group of Thai friend coming with her, like 20 ppl altogether!

She reminded me of Paulina because she sings soprano too! :) And she's pretty good at it! :) 

Well for the talent show. I played the violin.
What else can I do? LOL LOL. I can't sing, unless you guys want to listen to a kid's voice singing. XDDD
I played a traditional Thai song called ลาวดวงเดือน.

Don't ask me how to pronounce that. T_T

The other contestants sang and dance and one even acted out a scene from a horror movie! HAHAHAHAHAHA laugh die me. And one contestant had turned the stage into her own concert, she was like, "YOU READY PEOPLE?!?!??!!!! SING WITH ME!!!!!!!!"

Hahahhaa omg so damn crazy I couldn't stop laughing!!!!

Then here comes the scariest part in the whole beauty contest thing. The part when I really regretted NOT ASKING MY FRIENDS TO COME SUPPORT ME.


OH NO, 我错了...

This session is Miss Popular Vote. And the audience will have to buy the flowers and give to their favourite contestants. The one with the most flowers win.

And excuse me, the flowers are not cheap. RMB 10 each. Which was like RM 5 for 1 flower.

I think nobody will spend that much money just to buy a useless flower to give to a stranger. This is the part when the friend power come in useful! 

The other contestants brought SO MANY FRIENDSSSSS with them it was crazy. They all spent like RMB 100 buying 10 flowers and stuff them into their baskets.

Me? I just stand there feel like an abandoned child.

No one gimme flowers.

Here's a picture to show you the contrast of the abandoned child and the favourite child. LOLLLL.

Anywayyyy I'm amazed and grateful that some nice people actually gave me flowers too! :) In the end I got like 20 flowers from 20 different people that I don't know! Thank you so much! :)))))))

After that Miss Popular session, I thought the contest ended, and I was surprised to know that there was actually a last session, where the judges choose 4 people out as the winners!

GUESS WHAT. I actually got chosen! I was like SERIOUSLY??? BUT I JUST GOT 20 FLOWERS??????

I'm a happy kid. XD

We were the 4 chosen ones! 
Indonesia, Korea, China, Malaysia.

Then here comes the Q & A session!
The MC will ask us a question about Thailand and we will have to reply in 30 seconds.

The question I got was, What do you think about Songkran Festival and what's so special about it.

My mind was BLANK. I don't know shit about that festival except I heard some Thai friends talking about it last time, that it's very hot in April so the festival is for everyone to spray water at people on the street so they'll feel cooler under the sun and everyone's happy.

Something like that. So after 30 seconds, I started to talk crap about it and ended with "I would love to go to Songkran Festival in the future!".

Not very smart answer I'm afraid. LOL.

Other contestants answer really well. They included China-Thai relationship in their answer and ended their answer in a flourishing way I can't even! LOL!

Then I was amazed when the judges announced I got number 3!!!! Coz I thought I wouldn't get into first 3 places! :DDDDD 

Still don't really believe it. 

I get a cute elephant toy from NARAYA, they said it is a very famous brand in Thailand and you can only get it in Thailand! A nice bouquet of flowers, a red nice beauty pageant cloth that says Miss Songkran 2013........

And the most exciting part is THIS. T______T
RMB 300 voucher of Tai Cook!!!

It was a really good Thai restaurant in Hua Mu Road. T___________T
One that I'll never go if I don't get the voucher because it is expensiveeeee!

Decided to spend all the vouchers that day with Yiguo!

We ordered a lot of food. It was like RMB 540 for 2 person, crazyyy!!!
My fav, Tomyum kung!!!

BBQ Pork!

Fried prawn thingy :)

This one is the most expensive one but it is also the most blehhhh one.
It costed like RMB 200 but the taste wasn't as nice as we expected. :(

Sorry to say I don't like the desserts. :( Tastes kinda weird for me. LOL.

Bobochacha! Malaysians you should know this. :D

So yeah that's all about the beauty contest I joined. It was really fun and I'm really happy to meet all the nice people there who helped me so much and who had been soooo nice to me. Thank you to all of you! :))))) I had a great time!

Till the next post, ciaooo!

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