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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Liebster Award

Thank you my baby Fion for tagging me in this Liebster Award thing! :) It gets me thinking about some random facts about myself, and there are a lot of things that I actually didn't notice until I come to think of it! :DDD

So here goes, let's get to know what is The Liebster Award?

The Rules are : 
♣Post 11 random facts about yourself. 

♣Answer the 11 questions the awarding blogger has posted for you. 

♣Nominate 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers ) for the award and link them in your post. 

♣Let the bloggers you have nominated know they are nominated. 

♣No tag backs.


1) I used to think teddy bears are the knights that are created to protect children in their sleep. So every night I sleep I hug my teddy bear and cover my head in the blanket even though I feel suffocated because it makes me feel safe and protected. LOL. Now when I think about it it's kinda stupid. Still, if I watch any horror movies these day, I'll still cling on to the soft toys on my bed. (Yes I have like 7 to 8 softtoys on my bed now in Shanghai, all presents from my friends hahahaha no place to sleep already.)

2) I like to watch inspiring videos to motivate myself. And touching real-life story videos that makes me cry. Most of the books I read is life-related or touching ones. I don't like romantic novels though. Sometimes it's okay, but I think it's too far-fetched from the reality. So I prefer reading/watching something more realistic and moving. :) They give me a heartache feeling and make me appreciate my life and what I have.

3) I couldn't say NO if you ask nicely, but that's also my main weak point because people tend to manipulate that. :( They would ask me to do a lot of stuff for them or take my things away etc. Sometimes it went too overboard. Anyway, I'm trying to change this bad habit and now I will speak up if I don't want to do anything/give anything away. I guess this thing is both ways. You can't blame people acting that way to you, because you didn't do anything to defend yourself! Life has got so much to learn.

4) I don't usually wear high heels because I fell down once and I got high-heel-phobia already hahahahaha. I feel more comfortable wearing flats. Though if I'm going out with my girlfriends for some partytime I'll force myself to wear heels and walk like a robot, looking at the ground all the time just in case I fall again. T____T

5) I have the ability to forget things really fast. No matter how sad the thing is, or how big the problem is, I will kinda forget about the bad feeling the next day. It's kinda magical, I just can't remember why I feel so bad. I mean, I still remember what happened, but the awful feeling just disappear out of the blue. :) I guess that's a real blessing. Well, most of the problems can go that way, only some major events like breaking-up or death of somebody I know. Those don't go away easily. :'(

6) I'm a very lazy kind of person. I don't usually contact people voluntarily unless they contact me, even though you're my best friends. I think friendship is there no matter what you do. You don't need to push yourself to keep in touch with everyone as long as you truly care about him/her. I mean, I need friends who'll say "hell yeah I'll be there in a second" when I ask for their help even though I didn't contact them for ages, rather than friends who I chat with everyday but ignore my phone calls when I'm in trouble. You get what I mean?

7) I used to cry myself to sleep when I was like 4 to 5 years old when I thought that one day my parents will die and leave me. It's kinda funny because I already learnt how to cry silently at that age, trying not to wake my parents (I'm sleeping with them). Though there was one day I sobbed too loudly and my mom woke up and asked me what's wrong with me. And I just shake my head and say nothing. I guess it was after a few years that I was brave enough to discuss this with my dad. I said, "Dad, are you afraid of dying?" And he surprised me with, "Of course no. Everyone will die someday!" The way he said it was like it was not a big deal and it made me relaxed about this whole idea of death. I guess yeah, everyone will die one day, imagine a world when nobody is dying! You won't appreciate your elders anymore and the world will be too over-populated! LOL. 

8) I have the habit of hand-picking my nails because I don't like them to grow too long. So my nails are really ugly when I was a kid. I recalled a time I was picking my nails in the class when I was 7, because the class was pretty boring and I wasn't paying attention. Suddenly the teacher pointed and me and said, "WEN XI WHAT'RE YOU DOING? SHOW ME WHAT'S IN YOUR HAND?" And I stood up and said, "Sorry teacher I was just picking my nails." Hahahahaha wth. XDDD Anyway nowadays I just use nailclipper but I still like my nails to be really short because I need to play violin and piano.

9) I like my room to be messy. I think it's not a room if it's too tidy, it'll be more like a hotel room already! No cosy feeling! My roommate knows about this LOL! Miki and Tuya! :DDDD They're always like *shake heads*: Seriously you don't want to tidy up your room? And I'll just be like *stuff all the clothes to the corner* and said Voila! I just did! Sorry roommates! Hahahaha!!!

10) Dislike everything that has an alcoholic taste. LOL. I really tried to drink beer/wine before and tried my best to like them... and failed. :( I just dislike bitter taste I guess. I don't even like coffee. XDDD

11) I used to say hi to random people in school because I think if a person looks at you, the polite way is to smile and him/her and say hi. I still do that sometimes now hahahaha and I think I scare a lot of people in my conservatory, because Chinese people they're not used to it. They don't do that to strangers so they probably think I'm crazy at first. XDDDDDDD Heyyyy I'm just trying to be polite and friendly???

OMG I've typed so much. It's just really fun to think about random facts of myself. :) And when I started I couldn't stop! :) Alright now I'll have to answer the 11 questions Fion has got for me! :)


1) What is/are your favourite cartoon character(s)? 
- Uhm this is a hard one, because I don't really get crazy over a certain people/cartoon. LOL. So I'll probably say...... Tweety Bird? Because a lot of people used to say I look like it. =.=

2) What is/are your favourite accesory(accessories)? 
- I like bracelets and rings. I wear necklaces sometimes too but it's kinda troublesome because it might scratch my violin when I play it. So usually I'll just wear bracelets and rings. Now I'm thinking should I get ear piercings too but I'm afraid of pain. T_____T

3) What is on your wishlist right now? 
- I want to go travel to some beautiful places in China! :) Like Xin Jiang, Tibet, Yunnan and Shangrila. Have to work hard to earn money! :)

4) Name your favourite country & why? 
- Greece, because I love blue colour and the sunset there is so beautiful.

5) Who is your biggest celebrity crush? One female and One male. 
- Again... I don't really have a certain celebrity that I'm too crazy about. I'll just pick randomly then. Male: Johnny Depp Female: Natalie Portman

6) If you could have a time machine, which year would you want to go back to? Why? 
- I would like to go back to 5 years ago. I miss my high school friends. :)

7) What is your favourite movie AND favourite TV series?

- Leon The Professional. Game of Thrones. :)

 8) Who is/are your favourite blogger(s)? 

-I have a huge list of this. Haha. For fashion bloggers I love Camille Co, Chiara Feragni and Song of Style. For lengthy adorable posts I love Cheesie, Qiu Qiu, Xia Xue and Fion! :)))

9) What is your worst habit that you wish to get rid of? 
- Feel responsible to do things for people when they ask me to, even though they're not worth it. 

10) If you can have super power, what do you want it to be? (eg: flying, becoming invisible etc...) 

- The ability to walk pass walls so it's easier to get from one place to another. :DDDD

11) What is your favourite quote of all time? 

- That's no big deal! :D Don't worry be happy. :)

Now I'm going to tag 11 blogger friends! The thing is I don't really have much blogger friends oops. And most of them already did this award thing. So I'm going to tag some friends in Blog Lovers & Readers group who haven't do this yet yeah! :)

-Maple Shuh Hong

-Ivy Liew
-Lim Xiao Wen
-Nicole Chang
-Smiling Eyes
-Amenjah Dt
-Angeline Tang
-Ben Dan
-Miemie Loh
-Jowey Kong
-Shermin Lee

Tag me when you're done! LOL I know some of you we didn't really talk before but I've read your blogs and like it! :) So now hope we can be friends and enjoy this tag game! :)))) Till then babes!

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