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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Photoshoot 5/4/2013

Wow, I actually neglected my blog for one whole week. Seriously??? 
This whole week I've been feeling pretty low and tired all the time, I blame the stupid weather. I always feel lethargic when the weather is like cloudy, gloomy and cold. :( I HATE COLD WEATHER.

Anyway I've decided to blog about my photoshoot last time with my babes, Xing Xing and Ai Ai on 5th of April, a day after Xing Xing's birthday! 

Speaking of which, I still haven't have time to edit the birthday party pictures, so yeah, going to update about that pretty soon. :) Stay tuned. :) It was a really fun birthday! :)

Back to the photoshoot, we had been planning for it since a month ago, it's just really fun to go to photoshoot with friends because we all get to dress up and get nice pictures. And the best thing is checking out each other when it's my/her turns to take pictures and making hooting sounds when any of us strikes some hot poses. LOL.

We were pretty disappointed with the photo studio this time though. IT SUCKS BIG TIME. 
When we ordered the photoshoot package online, the pictures looked nice and the photo studio looked spacious and professional. However when we got there, it wasn't like what we had expected. That was still okay, until we talked to the workers there.

One of the girls there, most possibly the person in charge, was like really bossy and she said fake lashes were not included in the package, and each pair we needed to pay RMB 20. We were like, "Wth? Usually it SHOULD be included in the package already!" 

She just said that was how their studio worked, we were already feeling cheated and pissed off already. Then we asked them whether we can take some sister shots at the end of the photoshoot? They were like, "Oh yeah, you have to give us RMB 50 extra."

WOW, what????? All the photo studios that we had went before never charge us any money for that! Again, she gave us the pretext of "every studio functions differently". We were trying to be understanding so we gave in and said, we would all give up one look and take sister shots for the last one. You see, each person gets to choose 4 looks. So we were going to have only 3 looks for each person and one of the looks we'll use it for group pictures. It pretty much save a lot of energy and time for the photographers and make-up artists.

Guess what she said? 

She said, "Oh I'm sorry you still have to pay 50 yuan, it's our policy." That was the last straw, because that was just completely unreasonable! We already gave up 3 stylings altogether just to take some shots together, which means they don't need to waste energy to fix our hair and make up 3 times  in exchange and still she said that??? 

Our moods were completely destroyed already and we didn't feel like taking pictures there already. Photoshoot is supposed to be fun, how can we enjoy ourselves in such an awful place? So we requested them to give us our money back because we totally disliked that place. It was just too money-orientated!

The girl started to feel nervous after we said that because the money she so pointedly wanted was slipping away. So she frowned so hard and discussed with her fellow employees. Finally they came up with a "difficult solution" which was to let us have our way. And she kept on emphasizing that it's a huge favour they did for us because they didn't want us to waste the time coming all the way here. Well hello, thank you. LOL. How nice of you.

So the 2 of us were gloomily seated in front of our make-up mirrors. I said 2 of us because it appeared like Ai Ai had the most patience towards all these kinda shits people did. Hahaha. Xing Xing and I were already totally pissed but Ai Ai was still at peace and smiling. She just said, "Well it's okay with me!" LOL! Both of us stared at her in disbelief because we couldn't believe how anyone can have such good temper hahahahahhaa!!!

Yeah, so the 2 of the grumpy girls was fuming when the make-up artists worked on our faces. Then my make-up artist started to say, "You sure you don't want fake lashes? Your eyes will look small in pictures and it won't look nice."

I know it's some kind of tactic they use on all the customers there so they'll be affected and purchase that bloody expensive fake lashes from them. And I was so mad I just said, "No I don't want."

Then the make-up artist started to mumble stuff like, "Well okay fine it's up to you but oh god, how I wish I could give you a pair for free! You really do need a pair." She went on and on about that LOL.

So you could say she had brainwashed me and when I looked into the mirror, I suddenly felt like my eyes looked so ultra small and bloated and ugly LOL. 

Xing Xing was sitting right on the other side of my mirror, I couldn't see her face. I raised my voice and asked, "Darling, are you taking the fake lashes?"

Xing Xing: "No, I'm not. It's not about the money, it's just that I don't want to give them this extra RMB 20."

Me: "Okay. You're right. Me too."

*after 10 seconds of silence and staring at myself in the mirror*

Me: "Darling? I think I'm gonna take a pair of fake lashes, because my eyes are small."

Xing Xing:*silence for 2 seconds* "Oh. Okay! Yeah! Of course!"

*I put on a pair of fake lashes, and the make-up artist started to mumble about how adding the 2nd pair of fake lashes would be perfect*

Me: "Uhm... Darling? I think... I'm going to take the 2nd pair because 1 pair is not enough."

Xing Xing: *silence for another 2 seconds* "Yeah! Go ahead! You'll look nice!"

LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL. So that was how I got brainwashed into buying 2 useless pair of fake lashes. Xing Xing and I were laughing like mad when we recalled that ridiculous conversation we had, especially when we couldn't see each others' face and all we heard was our voices floating out from the back of the mirror. Hahahahahaha!!!! So much for persevering for justice LOL.

Our moods had came back when the photoshoot started! I chose this beautiful black gown because I love the bling details at the front and the torn-look of the lower part of it. :) Imperfection is perfection. Haha. Weird logic that works on me. :)

Didn't wear any jewellery or head piece because I prefer it simple. 

I think I looked kinda fat in this picture because the way my arm that was pressed looked fat. T_T

The 2nd look was...... in my opinion, totally hilarious.
I was wearing the very hawaii-feel dress that I got from Forever 21 a few days ago.
And the make-up artist insisted me to put this big sunflower thingy in my hair. 
My first impression when I looked at myself in the mirror is this is supposed to be something I wear to the beach.

The thing is they don't have the right background to match this look. 
Well, they have a beach background but it looks so ridiculously fake I secretly LMAO. So in the end I settled for this background.

Some friends commented that I look like a lost Hawaiian girl in some city in France. Hahahahaha!

Show you guys 2 pictures to get some good laugh. I even forgot to take off my hair-band from my wrist. =.='''

The photographer noticed that stupid hair-band so I got rid of it. LOL.

The 3rd look was some totally horrible look of Korean traditional costume. It was too stupid and too ridiculous I decided not to put any pictures here. I think it is the hairstyle problem. Totally NOT KOREAN-ish at all. And the background doesn't match. =.=

The last look for the sister shots! :)
Love this short stripey top from Forever 21. It has a sexy back!

I personally love our group pictures best, because we interacted with each other so naturally the pictures turn out to look really great! Hahaha!

Love this shot! :DDDDDD
Xing Xing's sister saw our sister shots and commented that the pictures looked like some posters for some US television series telling the story of 3 teenage girls. LOL.

I'm the sporty tall girl, and Xing Xing is like the girl from a rich family (in this case I really think she looks like Blair from Gossip Girl hahahaha!) and Ai Ai is the sweet innocent girl! :D

They are gossiping about me! :'(

*sexy face* Hahaha!

All the poses are totally random and we came up with all sort of ideas LOL! 

Despite all those stupid things that happened, we had so much fun together! :DDDD 

You know you love me, 
Gossip Girl. :D

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