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Monday, April 8, 2013

Up 36th Floor!

After typing the title for this post, I found out I had exactly a similar title post back on 13/12/12: Up 32nd Floor!

So it means, now I've gotten to a higher level wahahahahaha wtf. XD
Last time was the Marriott Hotel in People Square, this time I'm at Shangrila Hotel's 36th floor, a really beautiful high-class dining place called Jade On 36. :)

Here, give you a big-fat-face pic to show you how happy I'm to up my level. TROLOLOL.

Well, if you want me to recall, this was the gig I got cheated, like TOTALLY. However we have to look on the bright side la, the good thing is I get to see the pearl tower from this height and finally get a decent WHOLE picture of the building!!! *no regrets in my life already* LOL LOL.

Coz you see, usually we took pictures of the tower from the ground, so all we get is something like this:

A woman that has a big butt. *just saying*
I mean it is a nice picture taken by some professional photographers, I got these pictures from Uncle Google.


Oh hi, here it looks like some kind of giant freak monster towering over us. Hahaha.
The rainbow gradient is really nice I admit though. LOL.

Ekhem excuse me. 
Lemme show you MY PICTURE.
Very low quality and angle slanted, but hey, I got the whole pearl tower looking like a slim gorgeous lady here okay?????
That's the whole point. Hahahaha!


Just want to show off that the pearl tower's height no longer intimidates me. Hahaha.

Testing lighting again for self-shot. Too boring during resting time. =.= Play 45 minutes and rest for 15 minutes, then play for 45 minutes again. What to do during that 15 minutes except taking pictures, you tell me.

Okay, continue showing off.

Showing off with violin. *yes I know I'm lame*

Btw there's great piano + vocal performance too! :DDDD Love the singer's voice. That's what we call MAGNETIC. :D


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