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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flowers & Sun.

As simple as this blog title sound, it is exactly what I'm going to blog about today. LOL. I think we don't need any fancy words to describe pure beauty. :)

Finally the Spring Fairy has shown herself and flowers starting to bloom everywhere. I can see green leaves strutting out and the air suddenly turns much more fresher. 

I love Spring more than any other seasons because it is just so full of life!

The temperature right now is still more to the lower side, but I think in 1 or 2 weeks time, it will be around the perfect 22 to 25 degree! :)

Went for a walk with Hirai and stopped by this beautiful park near DaShiJie. 
Didn't even know there's a place like that before! :)

Hello Sakura! :D Is this sakura? LOL.

Pink flowers on the tree and skater-boy trying out his new trick. :)

The sunlight was amazing. And thank you to my photographer for the pictures below! LOL.

Decided to take off my coat because coat is just too winter feel. LOL.

Hirai just kept snapping so I don't have any time to pose at all and all the pictures turn out to be really candid.

Me trying to act cute and...

banged my head on the tree branch. Haha. Clever.

Try something more artistic.
You know what, I find the pictures that don't show our faces tend to be more artistic. Don't you think?

*You can do ugly faces, nobody will know and you'll still look nice as long as you have nice hair at the back wtf. hahahahahahaa!*

When we were happily taking pictures, there was an uncle who was holding a DSLR and he started snapping us. 
After that he came to us and showed us the pictures. Damn professional one ok????

He is a professional street photographer and he took my email and said he would email the pictures to me.

LOL. Until now I haven't receive them but if he does send to me I'll update here kay? :)
The pictures he took really really really really super nice one!!!! T______T *Must be the skill and the camera*

That's all for today! Ciao peeps!

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