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Monday, April 8, 2013

This And That.

Ohaiiiii peepo. 
Sorry for the hiatus. I just finished my 3-day-holidays, which has been really... fun-filling. LOL. Everyday slept around 2am and the next day waking up at 8am or the worst, 6am. So you will forgive me if I neglected my blog. 

Pimples are popping out and dark circles worsened. Amen. 

Anyway, I just finished my crazy monday classes now so I've decided to be really dedicated in blogging these few days. :)
Will try to blog ALL MY PICTURES!!!!!!!! So stay tuned! :D Hahaha!

Now let me stuff some random pictures in my phone into this post! :)

This was from last month. The International Office's teacher asked me to submit some stuff for the Chinese Element competition. 
You can draw, design, create, whatsoever you want, as long as there's Chinese element inside. 

I'm really lazy so I was trying to skip the whole thing without submitting anything. LOL. Coz I didn't draw for a long time already and it is a very time-consuming thing to do.

When the deadline came I went to the office and told the teacher I couldn't think of anything to draw and now it was the deadline. 
The teacher was like, "Oh! Don't worry! I'll give you another week!"


So yeah, I don't have any more pretext to be lazy. T______T
Bought some drawing tools from the bookstore nearby and started drawing.

This is the draft of a Peking Opera character. Cute or not? Hahahaha.

My idea is inspired by Alice In Wonderland. Hahaha. (Actually because that time I was watching the Korean drama "Alice in CheongDam Dong") =.='''

Just changed the character of the story. I'm Alice, and for the bunny with the ticking watch, I change it to panda. 

Got Chinese feel or not now???? XD

So Mr Panda held my hand and led me into this magical world full of Chinese magical stuff. Hahahaha.


Here's the end result. Very childish, very stupid. Hahahaha!
Definitely no chance to win anything la, but it is very fun to draw again. XD I didn't draw like for at least 5 years already. XD

Oh yeah, and some updates about my gigs. :)

These pictures are from a morning wedding gig. 
It's very interesting why there's wedding party in the morning. O_O
Btw the place was really beautiful! I especially love the ceiling design.

Another interesting gig! 
The couples didn't wear the usual wedding outfit but they cosplayed Maruko-chan and Hanawa! Hahahahha!

Btw Maruko-chan's boyfriend is actually Hanawa????
I don't really watch that cartoon much so I don't really know. XDDDD

See the bridegroom with his funny hairstyle hahahahahhaa! Laugh die me. XD

The cake also so cute!!!

People who followed me on my instagram probably already seen this. 
I had dinner with my friend, Mei Ling.
She's from Si Chuan, and just in case you don't know, THEY EAT BUNNY HEADS THERE.

I saw with my own eyes when I went to ChengDu, Si Chuan last time. Some vendors just sell the heads at the roadside....... and people chewing on the heads like they're something really yummy.......

I almost died. T____T Imagine my baby bunny's head kena chopped off and chewed up like that. WTH WTH WTH.

Anyway Mei Ling herself also loves to eat bunny heads and she has been trying to brain-wash me into eating it too.
She didn't succeed in that but she did succeeded in bringing me to eat......


Till now I still can't believe I actually ate that.
I don't know I think she hypnotized me that those are just tofu.... just tofu.... so I actually got brain-washed. LOL.

The taste is very...... sticky and creamy and softer than usual tofu. It actually tastes kinda okay if you don't think that it's a BRAIN wth. T____T

So yeah, that's pretty much my brain-eating experience. You guys want to try?

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