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Monday, April 15, 2013


Hello peepo! I'm back! Feeling like my old self again after lying in bed for 2 days straight. Have to thank Telmuun for his special "medical treatment" LOL. I was still coughing and having muscle pains and feeling dizzy 2 days ago, and he asked me to try out this really interesting method. 

Ps: you guys can try too if you get sick next time, it sort of helps in clearing your respiratory system.

First I have to cover myself in my blanket. Not an inch of flesh out of the blanket so all the heat will be trapped inside. 

WARNING: This is going to feel like hell.

Then Telmuun passed me a pot of extremely hot boiled water, what I need to do is to put my face on the water and breathe. Jesus it was HOT. And all the heat is trapped inside the blanket can you imagine??? I'll have to breathe in slowly and let the hot air enter my lungs. In less than a minute my face already wet from the steam. I couldn't open my eyes because of all the water on my face and the heat and at the same time I have to control my breath. 

I kept asking Telmuun, "Is it done??? How many minutes left?" I'm supposed to do that for 15 minutes, and each minute passes so slowly I feel like I'm going to die suffocating in the heat lol. My lungs feel really hot it's crazy.

Finally 15 minutes passed and he passed me a face towel to wipe off all the water on my face. And I popped my head out of the blanket and felt like I was in heaven. LOLLLL. The difference of hell and heaven is the degree of freshness in air. Now I understand. XDDDD

Anyway, despite how weird this treatment might sound, it actually helps!!! I felt so much fresher waking up the next morning and I stopped coughing that much! There's still some phlegm in my throat but I don't cough like a dying person anymore! :DDDDDD So a huge thank you to Telmuun! :DDDDDDDDD

Anyway I'm still on the mission of blogging all my pictures, which now seem kind of impossible because I have new pictures almost like everyday! Hahahahhaa!

Here are some pictures from a gig that goes back like a week ago! :)
Let's start with my big face LOL.

It was at Jia Ding. Yes that stupid faraway place again (1 and a half hour by metro) . But this time the pay is good. :) So yeah it's fine. :)

This time we get to go to this awesome villa place called Neverland. These villas are for sale and we'll have to play in one of the sample villa while the buyers come over to survey.

Everything inside is luxurious and beautiful. Though I think I wouldn't want my house to look like this in the future. I mean the interior, outside's view is gorgeous though.

I don't know why I just think the interior feels like some kind of president's room? Or some hotel. :( Not homey enough for me. :(

Show you the outside view! I love all the trees and flowers!!! :) I think they did a really good job in greenify the place. Is there the word greenify? LOL.

The weather that day was awesome! Sunny and breezy! I think this flower is Sakura right?

Btw it's still very cold like 10 to 12 degree celsius. I prefer it to be slightly warmer like around 18 to 20 degree! :)

With Kiki, the cellist! :)

There's a small pond outside too! If you are wondering, yes, there're fishes inside. :))))

With Qiu Rong! :) My new friend! Her dad's a photographer and she sorta inherited the photography skill too! :) She showed me some pictures that she took using her Iphone 5, and they turned out looking like they were taken by DSLR camera! So crazy!!! :)

It feels good to be healthy again! :DDDD

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