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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just summer up myself.

It always feels good to update my blog! Haha! Today I'll share some silly OOTD pictures here.

Well, not exactly OOTD since I can't wear them out right now. (Unless I want to catch a cold and die) but I'm just trying to match my accessories and see how it'll look. LOL.

I still think I love summer outfits more! I hate wearing too many layers, it's just too troublesome. I always rushed to classes and realized I forgot to wear my coat/scarf after I locked my room. =.= Guess I'm born a beach girl. Hahaha.

Wearing the sweet green dress from Bershka. :) It is my friend's. Looks so cute but too short for me. T_____T
Matching it with the turquoise triangle necklace. :)

And a very colourful bracelet also from online shop. Hahaha!

2nd look, I'm trying out my new H&M aztec print shorts. 
Really love the colour and cut! :)

Drop-shoulder top, remember this? Haha. I had a black one that I wore like a lot of times already? Now I got the white colour because it's like mad cheap but such good quality! :DDDD 

Taobao's the best. LOLLLL.

Btw I almost NEVER did my hair like this: putting up my fringe.
Coz I have imbalanced eyes. T___T One big one small, usually you can see me trying to hide the smaller eye with my long fringe hahahahahahhaa!

*now you know my secret* T______T

Sometimes fringe can get really annoying because it always gets into my way. =.='''

Going to leave my fringe really long and see what happens. TROLOLOL. Don't want short fringe already. Look like a kid. hahaha.

Oh yeah I'm wearing the black-golden triangle necklace for this outfit. :)

Till then, ciao!

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