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Friday, April 12, 2013

Horrible Experience In China's Hospital.

I know there might be some really good hospital in China, but this hospital I've been to is probably the worst ever. :( 

I've been coughing for almost 2 weeks now, there is this endless thick yellowish phlegm in my throat that makes me cough like some almost-dying person. I tried to cough it out but my throat is like a phlegm-manufacturing factory it's always there no matter how many times I tried to get it out.

Anyway I didn't bother about it because other than coughing I felt totally fine... until 2 days ago. I think I must have catch a cold because I suddenly feel dizzy and uncomfortable, and I can't breathe properly. And the phlegm in my throat seems to mutate into some horrible virus. I coughed like crazy and it has this really sticky feeling in my throat it's scary. No matter how much I cough it doesn't seem to get out and when it does it's like white colour wth. O.O

So I started to think whether I have got the bird flu (H7N9). T___T
Fear is the worst thing, because your mind controls your body. I was so scared I think like I'm going to die going to die going to die, and I feel worse than ever.

The next day I went to the hospital nearby to get some medicine. I mean, hospital is like the most trustworthy place you go to when you're sick right? BUT THIS HOSPITAL IS WORSE THAN THE CLINICS IN MALAYSIA. Wait till I tell you about it.

I went to the hospital with Hirai, and when it was my turn, I told the doctor how I was feeling and all the symptoms I had: thick phlegm in my throat, muscle pain everywhere, severe headache and dizziness. The doctor wasn't really paying any attention when I was talking, he was like fiddling with his medical tool.

And after I finished talking, he took out the small torch-light thing that was used to look into someone's throat. So I opened my mouth and was going to say "AAAHHH" (I mean you have to say AHHHH when the doctor checks your throat or else he couldn't check what's going on deep inside your throat right?) and he barely even looked inside. He already switched off the torchlight before I had the chance to say AHHH.

I was like, "Eh????? That's it???"

Then he took out the stethoscope and only 意思意思 pressed on my chest area. The thing is I'm wearing pretty thick clothes so I don't think he could hear anything pressing on thick layer of clothes. And he just press for like 2 seconds. O.O

Hello? The doctors in Malaysian clinics more professional than him ok?????

Then he said, "Okay I'll give you some medicines and you try to eat and see how yeah."


I was too dizzy to argue with him so I stared at the computer screen when he typed in the medicines' names. Then my eyes got bigger and bigger because HELL THE MEDICINE COSTED LIKE RMB 200 plus altogether!!!!!!

So I immediately asked, "Doctor, I thought mine is just some common flu? Why the medicine needs to buy until RMB 200 plus????"

He was like shocked a lil bit and he said, "Uhm... okay then, I'll give you lesser medicines."
And he cancelled one medicine out and the total was like RMB 159.90.

Hirai stood beside me, and he spoke to me in English that he didn't trust the doctor and asked me not to pay for it. I knew he was right too, but I was really scared that my illness would continue or worsen and I dunno what else I could do besides going to the hospital. So in the end I paid for the meds and left.

After I had lunch, I took out the meds and started to eat it. Then I decided to check what medicines he gave me. The names of the medicines are very complicated. Here's a picture of the 3 meds he gave me.

I was so shocked when I saw 2 of the meds are for asthma patient!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Imagine if I didn't read it and just eat the medicine straightaway, what will happen to me. OMG. :(

The only correct medicine he gave me is the one for treating thick phlegm in my throat and that medicine is just like RMB 29. So I wasted RMB 130 buying asthma medicines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear if I'm not feeling so dizzy and tired I would have gone to the hospital and find that doctor and report him.

What if I have side effects after eating all those medicines!!!!!!!!!

He didn't give me any fever meds and yesterday I spent the whole day lying on my bed, feeling totally feverish and my whole body was burning. Luckily my roommate, Tuya, gave me a really good fever med and the fever came down! Thank you darling! And a big thank you to Xing Xing too because she helped me to order the awesome dinner from Urban Soup Kitchen. :) Feeling much better today. 

So yeah, that's the horrible experience at China's hospital yesterday. :(
I told my Chinese friend about it, and she told me that usually they wouldn't go to hospital when they're sick, because China's doctors is famous for their irresponsibility. Their priority is not to cure patients, but to issue as many medicines to you as possible so they can get commission from selling the medicines!!!!

Usually when they're sick, they prefer to go to pharmacy to get some medicines and eat themselves rather than going to hospital because it's just not trustworthy at all!!!!!

I think now it is the best season for China hospital's doctors to earn money because H7N9 is getting pretty serious here. :(
I really hate irresponsible doctors!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, some updates about H7N9. Now we can't eat anything related to chickens/birds/ducks and no EGGS. T_____T

Some people say it's not safe to eat pork/beef/mutton too. So it pretty much means all there is left to eat is veges. T_______T

If you ask me how is the H7N9 situation in Shanghai right now. Is it very serious?

I can only tell you, I don't know.

Because virus is something you can't see. And the worst enemy is something that you can't see it coming. You don't know where it is hiding and how it is going to spread. Sometimes people will forget that it even existed and they neglect it totally. :(

Bought this healthy respirator from the pharmacy. Think it might be useful somehow.

It has the carbon filter inside. Smells kinda funny. :(

The H7N9 prevention notice at the ground floor of our dorm, issued by the International Students' Office.

Anyone who's going to visit China these coming few months, read this notice!

I'm going to rest as much as possible right now and gain back my health. It sucks to be sick. :(

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  1. The only thing you can do now is food therapy.

    There's loads of how-to's on the internet regarding how to cure the common cold using prescription drugs that you can get at a pharmacy or natural alternatives like food an such.

    I recommend drinking lots of water. Coconuts and Bananas both have high level of potassium, electrolytes and loads more. Try focusing on those.