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Friday, May 24, 2013

Flower Power at Bar Rouge.

Babes and dudes, how's life so far? :) I've been REALLY slacking on blogging nowadays. Really sorry about that. :'( My life has been super happening lately, but can't find time to sort the pictures and blog about them. And I don't like to do short updates because I, the long-winded people, prefer to tell longer stories instead of just posting pictures and writing captions. LOL.

Anyway, I promise to blog ALL OF THEM slowly. :) 

Some pretty rare update today. LOL. More clubbing experience hehehehe. With my darling Xing Xing! :) Both of us totally sucks at clubbing. Some of our friends who have just been in Shanghai for 1 week already know almost all the clubs here and when they asked us about it, we just looked at them dumbfounded. 

Friends:"Do you know MINT?" 
Us: *shake heads*  
Friends: "Do you know G-plus?" 
Us: No.
Friends: *giving us the roll-eyes-"you guys are losers"-face*

Well, the thing is we don't know what to do at the club! Maybe the first 10 minutes there might be interesting because we can look around the surrounding and checking out the people there, sipping our drinks, listening to music. Then...... what? We're usually the super shy people and we don't like to talk to strangers. Imagine me going up to some strangers to 搭讪............ O.O Completely awkward. And I don't like strangers to come talk to me as well. So... uhm.. yeah.

We actually prefer to go to those Jazz performances in pubs to enjoy the live show there. It was a totally different story. Haha. No offense. Clubbing might be nice if we go in a huge group, get a good seat, chat and play some games together.

Anywayyyyyy, we found a pretty interesting clubbing place called Bar Rouge. It is a really awesome club at The Bund that has a huge "balcony" place that overlooks the view of The Bund! :) And best yet, it has theme parties every week! :) That's the part that makes us going in the first place! :) No girls can resist dressing up and dolling up for some events LOL.

We have to dress up in Hippie/Hawaiian style/Flowery coz the theme is called "Flower Power".

Xing Xing wearing a super duper sweet flowery dress, looking slightly Hippie-ish with her braid-headband. And I went for the Hawaiian look since I got that super tropical-country dress LOLLLL.

This is the balcony place I told you guys about! :) 露天的地方, can check out the beautiful view of The Bund! :)
And everyone was given a flower necklace to spice up the theme! :)

Ps: dunno why that guy looks so 猥琐. LOL.

Or you can use it as a wristband as well. :)))))

Pearl tower behind me. :) Its light is switched off after 11pm I think. 

Ze pretty!!!! :)))))))

Really love that place! :))) 

Interior. The music is good and we both ordered cocktails.
There are some super hot dancers hired to dance on the "stage" place. Looking awfully sexy with the longggg legssss omg. No pictures though, forgot to take. T_T

And after that also got pole dancers as well! :)

Then I spotted this huge Sunflower swaying.
It was a man 踩高跷 in Sunflower costume!

Look at the crowd, Bar Rouge is a very popular nightlife place! :)

His makeup was really scary I was totally afraid of him at first, but he was really cute and kept dancing to the music, posing with the people for pictures and interacting with everyone. :)

Oh yeah did I mention you can use the flower necklace/wristband thingy as headband too Hohohohohoho!

Went home around 12 something! Met some nice girls from other universities and we chatted together. :) We enjoyed it! :))))

Pictures in the cab LOL. It suddenly rained. :((((

Selca before I washed away my make-up of the day. LOL.
Pasted some blingblings on my face that day. 

Yes I got the braid headband with me too but it was too tight I get headaches wearing it. :'( Can't wear it whole night, but wear for pictures is fine LOL.

Hahahahahahaha! And to prove we're not so loser-ish. 
We appeared in Smart Shanghai website when we went to the Afrosonic Jazz performance in No.3 The Bund last time! :)

That day was pretty "interesting" ahem. Well that's inside story, won't write it here lol.

Okay that's all for now! Will try to update more! :)))
Night peeps!

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