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Friday, April 11, 2014

Goodbye Baby Bunny. :'(

Sorry to start today with a bad news. 

I'll have to say goodbye to my baby bunny, after spending 3 loving years with this lump of fat adorable fluffiness. :(

Some recap of his/her mad adorable moments. (Sorry bunny, I'm still not sure whether you're a boy or a girl up to this point. :( Didn't bother to flip you up and check. But since I found you humping my toy koala last time, I'm assuming you're a male, with extremely pretty lashes.)

Everyone please gimme your condolences for 1 minute while scrolling down these pictures. :'(

Before you guys started crying over my loss. I want to make something clear.


I just have to send it away. Thanks to this text.
For readers who can't read Chinese, it was sent by one of the teacher from the International Students' Office. And they had made a spot check on our dormitory and found my bunny. So it's either I go, or bunny go.

When I got this text, I was in denial. Coz for the last 3 years this teacher has been secretly helping me to cover up. Because, seriously, bunny is not noisy or whatsoever, and it doesn't affect anyone. It's just a quiet little adorable creature. So the teachers didn't really ask me to move it out, like for real.

They'll just warn me from time to time to hide it. 

But this time, other teachers (bigger bosses) from the school came as well, so it's not something that can be controlled by the International Students' Office anymore. The bigger bosses didn't approve of a fluffy animal inside the dorm, you know, it's the protocol. (AGAIN. *roll eyes*) Not like they're the one living with it, but they just want to make sure everything looks GOOD. You know?

So yeah, they give pressure to the teacher to get this thing settled ASAP.

At first I thought of moving out from the dorm for good. Together with my bunny. And I started calling my friends and asked for the informations about renting some apartment. I was still angry when I got the text, couldn't believe why the adults want to meddle with a little bunny, it's not like it's disturbing anybody's life anyway.

So I called and called and checked the prices. My friend, Yiguo, also promised to accompany me to go out and look for a place to live. Though she did warned me that it'll be pretty expensive.

After researching, and also giving some time to cool my head, I realised reality is cruel. I don't have enough money or stable income to stay outside. Shanghai is an expensive city. And living in the dorm is already considered extremely cheap and convenient. If I move outside, I'm not going to be able to afford it and I'm going to have a sad, tiring life.

Realising that made me really sad, and I decided to look for the second option. Finding a pet shop to look after bunny, and I'll pay them monthly.

Again, I naively assume that it'll be affordable too since bunny is very easy to take care of, just feed it everyday and no need to shower it or bring it for walks. What's easier than that?

But oh how naive I am. They're doing businesses out there. Nobody is giving charity. They're charging it the same as dogs and cats. One month is like crazy expensive. And they couldn't guarantee bunny's comfort too, since the pet shops are full of dogs and cats, bunny is probably gonna scare to death over there.

Some pictures taken at the pet shops. With the most adorable Garfield cats! :) I love their flat faces hahahahahaa! So ugly but so adorable!

Love how this one sleeps.

Not a single care in the world. HAHAHAHAA!

And the cutest little dog. :) It has the sweetest nature. :)

And on the street. The biggest dog of this breed that I've ever seen. What's the name of the breed again?? 

Couldn't resist the cuteness and went over. Asked its master (a very nice old man) to take a picture of me with the dog, and he didn't really know how to use the phone camera so yeah, half of the dog face in this pic. Hahaha. Thanks uncle, sorry for the trouble. XD

So after the failed first and second option. I felt totally defeated, and had to resort to the last option: Sending Bunny Away.

I posted this on my wechat.

And afterwards got like 50 plus comments asking about it. Mostly they shared my anguish about how busybody the school is towards this little creature. Some were amazed about how big bunny is, because from what they all know, bunny is a very unlikely pet since they die so easily.

I used to think so too, coz in my childhood I used to have 2 bunnies, and they died like 3 days after. And I was afraid of having any bunnies after that.

This bunny, however, totally changes my view. It survived showers, going out for walks and well, it's just very very much like cats and dogs. Hahaha! :)

I was overwhelmed with gratitude when my friend replied that he could take care of my bunny! He's one of the cellists in my class and he's a very very kind person! So thankful about it. I'm very sure he'll take extremely good care of it. :')

That was like 4 days ago. I sent bunny to his place. Btw, he lives in the dormitory too, for Chinese students. And he said they don't care about pets there. 

SEE? So unfair? What is all the fuss about us international students then???? Seriously can't understand it. :(

Anyway, I saw the updates on his wechat and I can see bunny is having a pretty good life over there. The other 2 roommates of his are treating bunny really well too. So I'm happy.

I'm just not used to it, because usually when I wake up in the morning, I'll open the door and say OHAIYOOOOO TUTUCHAN! (I usually greet it in Japanese because I speak a lil bit japanese thanks to my ex-roommate lol)

And now sometimes I forgot that it's not there anymore, and I still scream TADAIMA TUTU! when I got home.

My neighbour Izumi was really sympathetic, because she could hear my voice talking to the imaginary bunny all the time when she was in her room. Yesterday, she popped her head out and asked if I felt alright, coz I subconsciously talked to my bunny again yesterday afternoon. LOL.

Anyway I'm getting used to it. And probably soon I'll ask my friend to take the bunny out so I can see it! :)))

So yeah, Good bye bunny but I'll see you soon. :)

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