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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Second Best Gig Ever. :)

I'm not a good blogger when I'm in Shanghai. Like seriously.
I just can't find enough time to sit down and edit pictures and blog. LOL. And it's worse when my mouse isn't working and I need to use the mouse system on the laptop, man, it's so hard to control. =.=

Anyway, here's my 2-weeks-late post about my second best gig of this year! 
Why second best? LOL. Coz the best is the gig where I get to go Taiwan, free hotel, free flights and get paid somemore!!! Still can't believe it, will blog about it soon. :DDD

I have to say April is INDEED a very promising month. :) Everything is going well, study or gig wise. LOL. Very very happening month! :DDD  I love April.

I have to thank my mom for the constant demand of "MORE PICTURESSSS!", she's my motivation to actually spend time to blog hahahahaa. I don't like to put all the pictures on Facebook coz it'll be exploded with too much pictures then, since I'm a very picture-person. Hahahaha. :) So blog is the better option. :)

So let's get down to my second-best gig of this year in Su Zhou! :DDD Yeayyy!

I was called for this gig in SuZhou on 30th March, where the bride was a pianist graduated from our conservatory, and she wanted a 10-person chamber to play for her wedding. :) 

She chose all the pieces that were pretty rare, not those usual ones that we played in gigs. :) Well, musicians are different. Hahaha!

I enjoyed working for musicians because they know all the hard works of being one, and they respect each other. Not like those places where I went, and people treated us like clowns, or making fun saying "What's the use of playing music as a career?" "What? You guys charge so much per hour? All you guys did are just playing doremi,miredo!" or the best one, "You must be very good at singing since you learn music!"

Dude. Singing and playing music is two completely different matter, ok? Use your brain. Thank you. And we spent decades to master our music skills, if you're that good you can try doing it too and see what happens. =.=

Anyway back to the happy gig topic! :)))) After the rehearsal we were given dinner voucher and were brought to this amazinggggg buffet dinner omg. T___T

Pictures tell the story.

Crazily good right! Everyone went crazy at the buffet. Hahahaha! They stuff all the sashimi and seafood down, I don't really like cold food so I satisfy myself with the hot ones and desserts afterwards. :)))) Yummmmmmm.

The wedding started. :) The pianist played on stage together with us. :)

The bride performing! :))) She's really pretty. :)

The funniest part, this kid caught the wedding bouquet thrown by the bride. And since he is too young to get married soon, the MC asked him what is the "happiness" that he's looking for.

He said, "New clothes and good food."

Hahahahaha! So MC said, "Your wish will be granted."And asked his parents to buy him good food and a set of new clothes tomorrow. Hahahahahaa!

I'll try my best to sort out all my Taiwan trip pictures and blog about it! Stay tuned!!! :)))))

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