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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ipoh The Awesome City!

I've been slacking like mad hahaha! Sorry guys for the hiatus! Too lazy to sort out the pictures! Thanks to Najwa for the motivation yesterday when we went out for an afternoon tea. She asks me, "Wen Xi, is your blog inactive already?" I was like, "Oh wow, you read my blog?" 

It is a big motivation when people actually notice that you're not updating and asks you about it. Hahaha. And all this while I got very lazy to blog because I think not much people want to read it.

So yeah, thank you Najwa! :) And I'll get my lazy ass off and start blogging! :))))

Today I gonna continue my food trip post! :) Last time I went to Ipoh should be like at least 13 years ago. So I pretty much forgot how it looks like already. This time, we have the Ipoh girl, Wei Min as our tour guide! And she proved to be the best food tour guide ever. SHE KNOWS WHERE ALL THE GOOD FOOD IS. (Writing all in capital letters because she is totally amazing, like REALLY. She was driving, and at the same time pointing to the left or right, telling us this shop is the best bat kut teh in town, the best apong balik, the best chicken rice etc. the list goes on. And every time she points to a certain place, I kinda see a golden glow shines out of that shop. Hahahaha Imma drama queen.)

First stop, we went to the famous Chilli Pan Mee place!

It's very famous, check out the newspaper cuttings!

We ordered 2 different panmee, and fried wonton. Absolutely yum!

And then Wei Min took us around the city and pointed out the best eating place. We didn't really have time to stop by to eat, or okay, actually our tummy don't have enough space to try out all the food. So I just take pictures of the restaurants so you guys can search it out next time you come! :)

Tai Kar Rock, the restaurant famous for fried yong liu! :D

Restoran Fai Kee, famous for its fishhead noodle soup! :)

Wei Min got us the Chinese Apong Balik! It was really good! The difference between Chinese made and Malay made Apong Balik is that it is less oily and not that sweet. The texture is firmer too! :)

Then we stopped by Soon Lee Bat Kut Teh! They said it's the best Bat Kut Teh in town! :DDDD And no kidding, it was sooooo crowded inside! And the waitress there has the loudest voice ever. At first I thought she was using microphone or something, because the sound amplifies, but when I looked at her I realised she was just yelling in her own voice. OMG. 

This is Wei Min! :DDD She's a really capable girl. That kinda girl that you can foresee her being a strong careerwoman and who can multi-task. :D Really like her personality!!

We order the sour-spicy pork. :)

And of course the signature Bat Kut Teh! :) It was the best Bat Kut Teh I've ever tried!

For anybody who loves Kaya Puff. This is the best place! The queue was already crazy in the morning! And it's best if you pre-order the Kaya puff first, and go to take it later. Or else you'll suffer a reallyyy long queue.

No pictures of Kaya Puff because still making-in-progress. They also sell mooncakes there too! I heard they are really good too! :)

Oh yeah, pomelos are the specialty there. You can find them everywhere.

We checked out the mural there! :DDD There are a lot of beautiful murals in town! They say the government also hire Ernest Zacharevic, the mural artist in Penang to contribute to Ipoh city too! :) Look at this amazing mural below. There's Zacharevic's signature at the bottom left! :)

There are also other murals painted by the local artists! :)

One thing I really love about Ipoh is all this beautiful old streets. I just love vintage buildings!

Outside a cute art shop!

Funny fact, this street is actually called the Concubine Line! They said in the older days, all the concubines/secret lovers live here. LOL.

Another very adorable mural that might go unnoticed if you're not observant!

Looks so real!

Wei Min & Chia Ying!

The famous pork sate! First time heard of it! Coz usually there's only Malay halal sate available in Terengganu. Yue says this is her dad's favourite place. He always comes here every time he visits Penang. Hahaha!

And then we saw a parachute! Okay no, it's just a parachute-roof. Hahahahaha!

Super love the wall of the buildings in Ipoh! It's interesting how it just looks like water painting with different colours splash beautifully on it!

See? I hate being tall! T___T Looks like a giant beside my friends. T____T

Loveeee all the cafes there! All so vintage and artistic!!!

Hahahahaha love this mural!

One thing I really enjoy about Ipoh city is that there are surprises everywhere. For instance, below your feet!!! :DDDD

What's more, the cafe are all really creative with the decos. 

The Roquette Cafe, they say it is owned by the political party, Rocket. hahahaaa. I have to say it's a really beautiful cafe! Very European-ish.

Again in love with the colorful wall!

Fun photo-booth place!

Bits and Bobs. The place that sells Ice Balls! Also my very first time discovering something like this.

You can choose what flavour that you want. And this lengzai here will make ice balls and add in the flavour syrup. I didn't try it but seems like a very refreshing dessert!

Snapshots of people sitting outside eating it.

Creative sections there. :)

Then we visited the very first Old-Town Kopitiam! :) I never know the original one looks like this! And the name is actually Nam Heong. Then it got famous and now we have Old-Town Kopitiam everywhere in the country!

It's always crowded and you'll need to stand and wait for seats. Oh yeah, the 2 person standing in the middle of this picture are Zi Yi and her bro! They are also Yue's Ipoh friends and they came to join us.

The famous egg tarts and other fried snacks!

I love the milktea there! They also have Cham Ais (which is coffee and tea mixed) but I don't really like coffee so yeah.

Dried curry mee is love!

Char Kuey Tiaw also amazing!! It is not only kuey tiaw inside, but they also add noodles in! So it is like a really different texture compared to the usual ones that I know! And I prefer this version better. :)

 More murals. :)))

We stopped by the famous swiss-roll place that is called JJ Roll! You guys can check out that place! It is pretty cool. 
I bought this mini-10 set for Sera, it has 4 flavours inside, Strawberry, lemon, kiwi and orange.

Remember to keep it in fridge, and it can last for about 3 days in fridge. I totally ruined it because I put it in my bag for the whole day and when I got to Sera's house, fungus already starts to grow on it. OMG. T___T hahahahhaa!

We took ETS back to KL in the evening, and then I got to meet up with Yue's medic friends! :) All really nice people!!! We went to Ampang's Korean Town for dinner! :)

After that we stopped by the Korean shop, and I found this scary thing!!! Who eats worm?!?!?!?!?!?!??! 

Now I have one more post to go, will sort out the pictures as soon as I can! Stay tuned! :)))))

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