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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Violin Postcards (Liaw Wooi Lun Photography)

Hello peepo!!! I've finally sorted out both the photoshoot and behind-the-scene pictures! :))) Very excited to share with you guys the process of this awesome photoshoot! :)

First of all I want to thank my beautiful bestie, Ying for tagging along and helping me a lot. The place of shooting is actually right by the side of the road. And it is a very narrow, highspeed road too so Wooi Lun had to drive further to find a place to park his car and we walked all the way to the shooting place.

It feels kinda scary to walk there and we tried our best to stay at the very side of the road as the cars wheezed by, some even honked at us. Probably because they thought it was dangerous for us to be walking on the road. There is just a pretty high risk of vehicles hitting us!

So yeah we moved down to the lower part, and thank you Ying for taking all these behind-the-scene pictures! She brought her awesome semipro. :))

There you can see my super awesome photographer friend is doing his thang. LOL.

To be honest, the place of shooting looks great from afar but not so when we got close. The land part is something like....

This. So it's kinda like soft and mushy and the dirt will get inside your shoes. That's not the worst part! The ground is crawling with red ants, and we're not talking about SMALL red ants, we're talking about the real deal, the GIANT ones. 

Omg I get headaches thinking about them.

Actually Ying didn't take any close-up pictures of the ants, coz she hates them. LOL. 
But I just have to show you guys to let you understand the horrifying sensation we experienced. Coz whenever I'm trying to hold on to a branch to start posing for pictures, I see red ant army like THIS on the leaves of the tree OMFG!!

And they're everywhere, on the ground on the branches on the leaves. EVERYWHERE! HUGE ONES.

Anyway, that doesn't stop us from taking pictures. You know, we are professionals. *hahahahha slap myself*

Again, you don't really need a perfect background, if you know how to find the right angle. You will understand when you see the end-result pictures later!

Wooi Lun instructing me which way to turn and stuff. :)

We don't usually stay in a very close quarter. Sometimes, Wooi Lun will get out his ultimate gear, his lens, and our distance will be like super far apart, but he can still get ultra clear shot of me. LOL.

In the end we really couldn't stand the horrible environment anymore so we changed to another location! We went to an abandoned train track. It has this really nice broken-down feel to it.

This place is great because there's no more red ants! When red ants no more exist, we have cow dungs instead. HAHAHAHHAA! So we were shooting while inhaling the awesome scent of cow dung. It is kinda nice in a special way. LOL.

Walking on the tracks!

Right, enough of the behind-the-scene shots, now I'll show you guys the professional the-end result! :))) I love them very much, hope you do too! :))))

Actually the idea at first is that we are going to give a storyline to the photoshoot. I will put my violin somewhere and then I will go around searching for it. 

So here's my searching face.

And in the end it just somehow turned into posing hahahahaha wtf.

Then I found my violin (yay!) so I started playing.

Change of place! Love the half-body shot!

Really hope I'm not sitting on any cow dung hahahahah!

And I must say I am MADLY in love with this sunset shadow shot! The sun and the sky is just amazingly gorgeous.

Another of my fav no-face shot. :)

I'm not really convinced that there're REALLY no trains coming. LOL. So I kept a lookout all the time.

And the really sweet part is a bunch of the kids staying at the area saw us shooting and came over curiously. :) In the end we sort of became good friends. I played some songs for them, and we took a group pictures together! :)

They are all extremely polite and shy too, super adorable! :)))) One even asked for my phone number hahahaha and when I said "no, sorry", he just turned and ran away. LOL. Sorry!!!! Just think that there's no use giving phone number anyway since I'm going back to Shanghai soon. Hahahaha.

So yeah, that's the really fun photoshoot I had and there's one more that I want to update but I will just wait until I got the pictures from Wooi Lun! :)

Finally, I must say a huge thank you to my photographer friend, Wooi Lun for inviting me and taking all these awesome shots! He is the most tiring person actually, because he needs to drive us around and always be the one going first to check out the place, and I saw ants crawling up his head too omg. LOL. But he never complain, and all he wants is just to take good pictures!

So any of you out there who are impressed by his pictures and would like to get his photography service, please do not hesitate to contact him at his FB to tell him about what you need and also for price inquiries: LIAW WOOI LUN

Till then! Xoxo!

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