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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

You Said You Can Run?

Not that I want to scare you guys with my bare face, but I think nobody workout with make up on right? :D 

I've got all motivated to work out when I'm back in Malaysia because hey, it is summer holidays! I have a lot of free time to spend hahaha. And when I actually am free enough, I started noticing how terribly flabby my thighs and butt look like and I'm horrified. 

Everyday I just sullenly pinching my flabby thighs, or even shake them for entertainment, imagine that they're two pieces of jelly. Trust me, they shake like that exactly. =.= So here comes a day when my mom couldn't stand it any longer, she asks me to start working out.

Actually I already became workout-conscious started from last year. Thanks to my baby Sera. She's like my health guru, always update me with the best health and workout tips. So I became pretty dedicated last summer in Malaysia, doing the Victoria Secret Angel's workout. And hey it does show some positive results. 

But, there's always a but. I'm a terribly lazy person. So when I went back to Shanghai, I stopped working out. Actually workout just take like 30 minutes to 1 hour of my whole day, but I gave myself all kinds of excuses: I'm so tired today, the classes and orchestra practice wore me out; I just showered and I don't want to shower again after workout etc.

So yeah, you get my point. Anyway, I brought my Nike trainers back in Malaysia so I decided I should put it to good use! :) I decided to go running everyday! My mom tags along too, and she is actually pretty good at running! :)

 This is where I jog! :) Love the running lane there so I have a specific smooth lane to keep running, round and round. I usually run at least 10 rounds, as much as possible! :)

Anyway here comes the painful part. I'm not worried about the soreness and pain in my limbs. I embraced them. 

I got blisters the size of a 50 cent (Malaysia coin) at the back of my heel. OMG. That was from the second day of running. I tried to wear socks too but it doesn't work. So I put a lot of band-aids. 

Band-aids proved to be not much help too, see this picture below. It still tear off when I run, and the blister just get worse. Hah!

Sorry if this picture scares/disgusts you. XDDD

Everyday before or after running (depends on my time), I'll do a thigh exercise routine following the Youtube video! It's like 12 minutes long but it burns.

And I want to say a biggggg THANK YOU to my gorgeous friend, Kim! :)

 I never really get to talk to her before even though we are the same batch and from the same high school. I love looking at her pictures on FB because she's really pretty! :) So today I notice that she has a blog too, and a blog-lover like me got really curious and left a comment stating "I WANT READ!" hahaha. And then it starts our conversation! :)

Turns out she's really sweet and extremely helpful in everything! I ask for her help and advices in editing blog layout coz I sucks at HTML, and she gave me a lot of helpful links and ideas! :) 

And then I was telling her about the blisters I got and she sent me this.

I didn't know there's something like this omg. T____T Anti Blister socks. Awesome.
I should have gotten it ages ago wtf. I got so many blisters I can't keep track of them. :'( Will get them when I go back to Shanghai, that's where all my money is hahahahahaa! :))) I'm pretty much broke when I come back to Malaysia.

Btw leng lui's blog must share!
Check out Kim's blog by clicking HERE.

Go read go read. Drop dead gorgeous kay? :DDDD

Throwback to 2 days ago! :) Hang out with Uzey, Syafiq and Hafiz yeay! :))) We went to the Western restaurant at Geliga. First time going there. There are too much places in Kemaman that I haven't been to yet. :/

The steaks there looks pretty good! It was quite late already so I didn't order steak, don't want to waste my running effort lol.

I got myself a glass of hot carrot milk when I heard Syafiq getting his. LOL. I was really curious, carrot milk can actually be hot? I usually just have cold ones.

So when it arrived I'm totally astounded. I'm thinking probably they heat the fresh milk first, and then add in the carrot juice, but wouldn't the carrot juice turns into some weird color then? 

I have so much question marks on my head. LOL. In the end, the answer is actually pretty simple. They got the carrot juice, then pour in hot water and add in condensed milk. That's it. No fresh milk.

This is not Starbucks lah, Syaf said. =.=

FINE. First time having HOT carrot milk in my life, and felt cheated about the "milk" part. =.=

Ordered nuggets and they are all in love-shape! I'm feeling loveddddd. :D

So yeah that's all for now! :) Talk to you guys soon!!!

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