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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Step Up, Beachy Girl.

Had a real fright yesterday when my dad had some health issues. Thank god, thank god that it is not something too imminent or serious. Now we will have to make sure that he eats healthily and doesn't stress himself out. So dad, if you're reading this, you know what you should do yeah? :) Take good care of yourself.

Clearing out my phone pictures! Went for a date with my mom 2 days ago, we didn't plan to go for movie at first, we just wanted to walk around Mesramall and buy some stuff. Then I suddenly realised Step Up All In was already up in the cinema on 31st July!!!!!!!! :DDDDDD I've watched the previous one and I love love love loveeeee it! 

The cinema didn't open until 2.30pm, there are a lot of people waiting outside already to buy the tickets. I spent the time taking stupid pictures with the posters hahahaha.

Hercules: Babe, dun worry I got your back!

*Trying to copy the air plane determined face hahahaha*

We bought the 4pm tickets for Step Up All In. To kill the time, mom drove me to the nearby Kemasik beach to take some pictures! Didn't go to beach at all when I come back this time, so good to feel the wind and waves again!

Gorgeous place. You can find a lot of photo-taking spots there! :) Especially with the bridge! :)

Care to have coconut drinks peepo?

Crystal clear water! :)

My mom already became my professional photographer. The best way to take my photo, is to continuously clicking the button and I'll start moving. There'll be at least one good shot. Hahahhaa.
I don't like to pose because I'm going to look totally stiff. I sucks at posing.

Turns out all these pictures are pretty okay! And I'm lazy to edit one by one so.... I made GIF pictures! :)))

Playing with the boat. I already asked the owner's permission, that Pak Cik at the blue boat opposite?? :))))) Thanks Pak Cik! And I thick-skinnedly played with his hat hahahhaa.

The loom bands bracelet! :) Made this with my lil cousin in Johor! :) We searched up Youtube video and learn it on the spot, pretty easy! :) I'm very interested in doing more, I saw some really cute stuff they can do with loom bands, not just bracelets, but also all kinds of shape including violin! O.O Pretty amazing what human beings can come up to, with just some rubber bands!

Love the color of the sea! :)) 

And I love how GIF pictures can show the wind and the waves wheeee! I should do more GIF pictures next time. :)))

I'm not exactly a coconut lover, but seeing them just make me feel at home! :)

We got back to the cinema just in time. I was feeling all sandy and sun-tanned. Hahahaha.
Step Up All In is completely sick! All the dance moves omg! I started moving my body I was watching hahahaha. And it's a huge motivation for me to tone up my flabby thighs and butt. LOL. I don't want to be really thin, I want to be average, with all toned up body! :))) Probably slightly thinner than now. :)

Go check out Step Up All In and I'll see you guys in the next post! Ciao!

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