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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yes or No?

Believe it or not, I wasn't dare to take off my earrings for almost 4 months after piercing. I somehow believe that by taking it down and inserting a new earring in will cause bleeding again. I'm that scared LOL.

I must thank my #bassclef Fion for being the first one who encouraged me to try wearing new earrings, by sending me this awesome collection of varying designs to me!!!!!!!!!!!

I was especially in awe with the peacock one! It's supposed to be worn one-sided, and it's so pretty!!!! I have yet to find an occasion to wear it. Will try it out soon! :))))) And for the lower row of earrings, the black dice on the very left frightens me because I can't imagine stuffing that round thing inside the tiny hole in my ear. O_____O The four earring (single with cross design) is my couple earring with Fion! She got the other half :DDDD I'm planning to wear that when we meet up next time hehehehe! Love all the designs!

And I have to mention how touched I am because she got the earrings for me in Aussie, and asked her mom to bring them back to Malaysia with the love letter she wrote, which her mom then posted it to me! So much trouble and so much love! T____T Thank you babe and also thank you auntie!!! T____T 

Here's the love letter bahahahaa! She always motivates me to blog! Which reminds me, I still owe her a vlog. =.= uh oh. LOL.

Some pictures taken last week! I decided to wear the Yes & No earring!!! :DDDD It is so fun wearing them, it's like I couldn't decide which is better, yes or no??? :DDDD

About the Nike trainers, I'm thinking to try out a sporty look, but after bringing I realise I'm going to get all sandy and wearing that wouldn't be a good idea unless I want to ruin it. So instead I just put it there for decoration purposes. Hahahaha!

I don't like my bunny teeth view from the side so hide them with stickers. ;) The earrings!!!

COCONUT TREES ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In love with this tyre swing. :D

Is this some kinda witch bonfire thing?

Best thing in Malaysia, you can easily get nice picture anytime anywhere because it is just awesome that way. :)

I never really wear shades because I think I look funny in them, but I guess this one looks okay? XD

 Especially in love with the coconut trees' shadows on the lawn!!! For pictures I always loves to have nature as the background, because you can never have a bad picture if you have the perfect background! :DDDD #photoskillget

Stopped by a mamak stall to get Otot-otot (oh shit, or is it otak-otak?!) Me and my stupid memory. LOL. And I've been controlling my diet nowadays. Trust me, I can finish 3 plates of this, but my running effort will be ruined so I stick with just one.

If you don't want to get fat, make sure you don't eat until you're full! I'm working on that now! Though I failed for the time I'm travelling in KL-Kampar-Ipoh-KL these previous 5 days. Will blog about them soon too! Stay tuned!

So yeah, till then!!!! So much work to do! See you guys!

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