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Monday, August 4, 2014

Raya-ed! :)

Coming back to Malaysia means hectic days for me because there're too much activities and friends to meet! :) And what's more when it's during Hari Raya? I get to meet up all my awesome Malay friends! :) *throws confetti*

A huge token of gratitude for Kak Faira for the invitation to her beautiful wedding! :) I'm really happy to be a small part of this gorgeous day in her life. :)))) Lemme see, this is the second Malay wedding that I've attended. The first one is my lovely friend, Aisha's wedding. Hers is organised in a really big hall, and Kak Faira's wedding is done in her house! :) So both are completely different! :)

Picture with the bride and friends!

To be honest I never really get to talk to Kak Faira before, she's my senior in high school, 2 years older than me. And I wanted to thank Sera for bringing me to her engagement ceremony last semester so I got to know her better! :) She has a really funny and bubbly personality and I can see the need of being all ladylike for the ceremony pretty much annoys the hell out of her. hahahaha! 

High fives! I don't like to be ladylike all the time too, too tiring! :)

Again, another person that doesn't need much introduction because you guys have probably seen her a lot in my blog already. :)))) My Malay twinsie, Sera! :)))

She looks totally stunning in her bridesmaid outfit that day! Oh sorry I didn't mention, she's Kak Faira's cousin! So all the family members need to wear red color that day. :))) I love how her oufit is mostly in red but added the blue lacey rose part on the top! :) So sharp!

Her phone case is totally mean! YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US. Hahahaha! Quote from the movie "Mean Girls".
Her failed attempt at looking mean hahahaha!

The mean girls. *cough*

Some pictures I took of the wedding scene!

The happy newly-weds!

The the beautiful ladies! 
L to R: Syasya (Sera's youngest sis, a real cutiepie!), Me, Sera, Farah Hanis (Sera's gorgeous cousin!)

And with my sweet ex-classmates! 5 Ibnu Sina rocks! :)
Najwa and Wani! I can guarantee you guys, you'll want to record their laughters and set as your caller ringtone because they are so infectious bahahahahahahhaa!

2 more pictures of us twinsies! Hahaha!

How can I forget my forever macho guy bestie? Hellooo to Mr Uzey who looks extremely handsome that day (because of his shades cheh chehhhh) Hahahahhaha!

We went raya at Uzey's adik angkat's house! :)) The lovely lady, Tengku Lisa! :) Or we usually just call her TG, like Tee-Gee. Cute name with only 2 capital letters, so convenient! :DDD

There were a lot of friends there already when we got there! All TG's ex-schoolmates I think! :))

Oh yeah, and I was telling Uzey that I discovered a lot of beautiful Malay girls and handsome Malay guys these few days when we were raya-ing. And he was like, "Of courseeee lemme show you something."

Peepo, feel free to search up "MALAYPRETTY" on instagram. You're welcome.

All the beautiful ladies!!! :))))) Total eye-candy!!! Malaysia are full of gorgeous girls hehehehe!

And then I said, "Since there's Malaypretty, I supposed there should be Malayhandsome too right?"
Uzey was like, "Let's try to search!"

And we almost LMAO when we saw IT DOES EXIST. Hahahaha! But see the difference in the followers omg. :) 

So well, most of the people out there appreciate gorgeous girls more than hot guys eh. :))))
I like that guy in black and white picture. :DDDD

After spending some time there, it's time to leave! And I'm like *blush x100000* when TG's younger sister asks to have pictures with me because she says I look like Korean artist. 

T___________T *speechless with gratitude* Hahahahaha!

With the cuties!

Abang angkat, adik angkat, and Korean artist cehcehcehhhh perasan. Hahahahaha!

After that we dropped by Wani's house! I'm in love with her cat, Nemo.
So round and so fatttttt. I love fat animals, so cuddly!

Anyway, Nemo doesn't like taking pictures, it took off after I got this pic of us together. T______T

So Wani had to pick her up like this for me to satisfy my selfie session with Nemo. :)))

Come gimme a kiss! :)

GIF is awesomeeeeee! :)))) Till then peepo!!!

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