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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Photoshoot (Liawwlun Photography)

Hey peeps!!! :))) Hope you guys are doing great! Today I gonna write about the extremely fun photoshoot that I had last week! :)

A huge thanks to the really talented photographer, Liaw Wooi Lun, for inviting me to join his photoshoot! Do go check out his Facebook HERE. If you like the photos he takes and you think you need any sort of photography service, feel free to add/follow him on FB and send him a message! :)

He accepts individual photography requests, or weddings/dinner functions. Just PM him on FB for more information! :) His FB:

Before showing you guys the amazing photos he took, I will first show you some pictures I took with my phone. So this is where we took first half of the photos! At Ibok, the place people usually go to see fireflies in my hometown.

It is not very impressive when I first got there. But again, photography doesn't always need a perfect background. You just need to find a certain part of the place that is intriguing, and focus on that place, you'll be astonished with the outcome! :)

A row of boats there! :)

The river there is just breath-taking! 

Say hello to the photographer, Wooi Lun! :DDDDDD

He is very professional and has very good sight in how he wants the photos to turn out to be. And the best part is, whenever I feel awkward or not confident with myself, he will give me space and make me laugh. So I get to be more natural in front of the camera. :)

I did mentioned I sucks at posing right? I will get really stiff if you ask me to pose purposefully. And in this case I'm really grateful to Wooi Lun because he creates this really friendly and comfortable atmosphere so I get to be really carefree!

Alright, enough phone pictures, let's check out the photoshoot pictures! :DDD I really love the outcome!

I guess usually people will wait until Wooi Lun finds time to edit the pictures and post them out on FB, but I'm an impatient person, LOL. So he gives the unedited photos to me and I edit myself hahaha! :))))) And I feel really sorry that he is actually the one coming to my house to get the USB from me, and the next day coming again to return it to me!

I'm the one who is supposed to go take it from him, but he's a super nice person and he was okay with it. So, thank you so much!!! Really appreciate it!

No, sleeping on the boat is not as comfortable as it seems. XDD

I love taking pictures with the nature!

We moved on to the streets to get more pictures there. I'm especially in love with the old wall!

Luckily nobody opens the door hahahaha! 
Some cars passed by and waved at me, it was pretty hilarious. LOL.

Spot the cat below me! That was his spot. I wanted to take a picture with her but it ran away, so I climbed up the stairs and took some photos. When I was going down, I realised it was back at the original place again! It is just like it owns that place hahaha! So I ask Wooi Lun to quickly take a photo of us together before it runs away again!

The "Turn around and smile" picture! :) Love it!

With the old shop-lot! :)

Hope you guys love the photos too! :)))) Till then, xoxo!!

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