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Friday, August 22, 2014

TAE YANG - Eyes Nose Lips Cover (Vlog Collab!)

It has been about almost half a year since I last did a violin cover? Especially a twins version one! :) To be honest it is like the one that needs the most trouble to get it done. So I'm really sorry that there are some mistakes!!! Forgive me!

How did this start? I went to KL last few days and my baby Sera requested for a violin cover for this song! I seldom listen to Kpop so I'm not familiar with it, but when she played it for me I'm addicted to it. This song is really amazing, it just keep going round and round in my head lol. So I decided to make a cover of it after getting back to my hometown.

I took like a day to learn the song and think about the accompaniment part. Replayed JunnSungAhn's cover for a dozen times to get it right by ear. :D

The woes of not having a decent camera or video recorder. :'( I need to use my samsung galaxy S3 and then need to stack my books to get the right height to put my laptop up there as a support for my phone, it works kinda like the tripod. LOL. And the most difficult part is to get the rhythm right, so when I put both videos together it will be synchronizing nicely. I recorded for like a few times and got kinda pissed off because it is so hard. LOL.

Anyway this was the more-okay shot I got yesterday so yeah, hope you guys like it! :)))

I just shared this video on my fb today when my #bassclef babe, Fion messaged me. Such a total coincidence, she also just did a cover of the same song!!! Except it's her singing and playing guitar!!! (Even better!!!!!) Can't believe how 有默契 we are to do the same cover at the same time and uploaded it in the same day without even knowing about it in the first place!!! Crazy or what? :DDDD So we immediately decided to make this as a blog collab! :)

For a person who totally sucks at singing like me, I really envy people who are good at it! :) And I just keep replaying her cover!!! :) And I showed it to my parents too, they're like heyyyy I like her voice! :))))

Besides, it is really hard to get the right Korean pronunciation right, for instance, I totally can't speak any decent Korean. LOL. Probably Annyeonghaseyo? But in a very indistinguishable way ahhahahaha, so imagine how cool is it when someone can sing so fluently like that!

Check out her HUGEEE wall of Korean Star posters! hahahahhaa! Love it! :DDDD I keep telling my mom, "You see Fion so pretty!!! :D I love her hairstyle and face!" LOL LOL.

Fion's blog:
Her Instagram: @mjandori4eva
Her Youtube: Fion Paris

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