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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blogging with my phone!

I'm now lying on the bed, my mom is snoring beside me and my violin and scores are squeezing by my side. We are in a comfortable 25 degree celsius air-conditioned room in my grandma's house in Johor, away from the hot sauna out there. Thank god, and I'm bored. :)

Decided to try out blogger app and see how it turns out if I blog with my phone. I just dump some of my phone pics out and keep my fingers crossed that they won't get too large or whatsoever lol.

Report of my second day in grandma's house. Grandma can no longer walk and move around in wheelchair, nor can she see us clearly anymore. I often jump around in front of her and she will ask the Kakak we hired. "Who is there over there?" And she couldn't hear us clearly too. We basically need to shout into her ears. The only thing that she is still very clear about is her taste buds. Lol. She is like a food-tasting master. Ini sedap, she nodded in approval. Or Bo ho jiak! Tak sedap! Today basically everything is bo ho jiak lol. I tried the food and I had to agree with her. She is good when she comes to food tasting!

Grandma is a proud woman. She doesn't want me to look at her when she eats her meds or when kakak cleans her up. She will shoo me away into the room and I respect her pride. I wonder when that day comes when you can no longer move around and you can just sit there or lie there the whole day. How terribly boring that can be?

Anyway I enjoyed talking to her but she often replied in Hokkien hahaa. I dun understand much and always turn to my mom for translation. Shame on me coz Kakak also can converse fluently with her in Hokkien lol. But I know grandma loves me a lot. She always asks me to eat more and she says I'm not fat enough. Hahahah!

Well, a few days left here. And I will cherish my time with my grandma! For now let's see how this blog post will turn out! Till then! Xoxo!

Phone pics attack!

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