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Friday, July 11, 2014

A World of Lighthouse, Redhouse and Chinatown.

All motivated to write again after getting a new comment from my reader! :) Guys, please just leave more comments and I'll make sure I keep blogging hahahaha! I promise!!! :))))) Your comments really made my day! :)))

I'm feeling pretty frustrated now because I'm going to have 2 writing exams these few days, and at the same time I need to pack everything in my room before 10th July. Everything is A LOT. If only you guys can see the stuff in my room lol. The clothes, shoes, bags, books and a bunch of stuff that can't say necessary but I'm not ready to throw them away. Hah, amazing.

I'm that kinda person who like to focus on one thing at a time, although I can do several things at once, I will feel grumpy and nervous about that. So I prefer to finish my exam first and then pack my stuff slowly, but time doesn't allow me to do that! T______T So sad. Usually, when I got to call to 2 gigs in one day, I wouldn't accept to go to both if I need to rush or to be late, coz I really hate to put myself in that "OH SHIT I'M GOING TO GET SCOLDED OH SHIT" kinda condition. You get what I mean? 

Hahaha I've digressed.I didn't even explain WHY I need to pack everything in my room. =.= We have to move our dormitory to somewhere no longer convenient (ps: We're living RIGHT OPPOSITE our school right now), all because the building's contract is up. :'( I'm 100% sure I'm going to miss this place. :( The place where I can just wake up like 10 mins before the class starts, coz it's that close. The place where I can always go back for an afternoon nap coz it's THAT CLOSE. T_____T Living close to school is a luxury, seriously. :'(

The new place is like 30 mins away from the school, and for 30 mins, I mean walking + taking subway + walking. :( And the funniest thing is, we will be living in a hotel for a year. YES, a hotel, because our new dorm is still under construction.... *sigh*

Enough of this shit, I'm going to get really depressed thinking about it. LOL. I'll feel better reminiscing about my Tokyo time. 

My second morning, waking up at Zushi Marina! :)

When sky meets sea.

I'll never get tired of dandelions, I hope they have it in Malaysia! I didn't see any in Shanghai though. :(

Spent the morning at the zoo, we got there too early so it was still closed. We only saw the monkeys. :)

Around noon time, kareshi brought me to a place. He said it was a really special park. So I never imagine it can be anything but a park, probably just a place full of beautiful flowers. 

It's name is Jogasaki Park. :) When I got in I saw a huge field full of tiny yellow flowers and I started strumming guitar and sang. 

LOL. okay I don't really know how to play guitar. :) Bahahahaha! :)

Then I saw this! :DDDDDDD
I was like wowwww, this is no ordinary park! :)))))

Continue guitar posing hahahaha!
This is my current hp background :D

The scenery is crazily breathtaking.

And there is a lighthouse!!!!!!!

I'm so happy I started climbing the rocks and enjoying the breeze and gorgeous view. :)

Crystal clear water :)))

Blue blue seaaaa!
It's the best park I've ever been to!!!! :))))))

After that we went to Yokohama and meet up with Miki! WHEEEE! :))))) My best besttttt roomie! :)))))

She's still as pretty as ever :))))
Please eat more okay? You're getting skinnier! I look so fat beside you, hahaha!

We had steaks for lunch. :)))

The trick is to dig 2 holes in the tissue paper and pose with it. Hahahaha! The advertisement in front of the shop did exactly that, so we copied him. Hahahaa!

Errrr, my holes are too big. =.= Kareshi did them for me that's why hahahaha!

Wheeee Miki-chan!!!!

We went to the Red House, which was called the Akarenga. Aka for red and Renga for house! :)))

It's one of the most famous places in Yokohama! :) And that day was the beer festival, so crowded!

Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra advertisement! :))) So sad I didn't get to watch concert in Tokyo yet! Maybe next time!!!!

Walking to Chinatown afterwards! I was pretty curious about how Chinatown in other countries look like hahahaa! 

I prefer to use this headband as a wrist accessories. :D

Helloooo Chinese words! Hahaaha!

Had soft cream again! :) Almond flavour is amazinggggg! :) I ate the mango one, it was good enough, but almond is much better. :(

And then this ojisan suddenly photobombed us. LOL. Zhen Tao Yan!!

After that we continued walking to a park nearby Akarenga.

Everybody was relaxing. :))))

Back to Tokyo and kareshi cook dinner! :) I wish I can cook like this. :))) Amazingly deliciousssss!

Looks just like those in super expensive restaurant hahahaha! :) 

Drafted this post like 5 days ago actually, so my exam is now officially done and enjoying my holidays! :) Will play at S.H.E Concert today, so excited! Will update more soon! :) 

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