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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Old and The New. :)

I'm back in Malaysia and enjoying the full blast of internet freedom!! :DDDD It feels so good I keep streaming Youtube videos the whole evening LOL! Can't watch one video without loading it for hours in China! 

Going to buka puasa with my babe and friends tmr! Really happy to be back again and celebrate raya with them. :DDDD I'm thinking of buying a new baju kurung just for that LOL. My mom is going to kill me. T____T

Just transferred all my phone pics into the computer and I realised there are a lot more things I wanna share! Will pick some best ones out and make a compilation post soon. Oh yeah, and I probably will do another round of pre-loved items sale! :) Stay tuned!

For now I shall end my Japan post! :)


In the subway. The strict self-discipline of the Japanese ppl can't cease to amaze me. And this is probably the first time I ever see a rule like this in subway! Coz in China people talk on the phone all the time in public places or transport. LOL. 

It's the same in Malaysia too right? What about other countries? I really would love to know if any other countries have rules like this.

Today's destination, Harajuku!

Before heading to the famous shopping place, Harajuku, we stopped by the famous traditional temple/shrine right outside the subway. It's called Meiji Jingu! :)

It's a much bigger temple compared to the one I went in kamakura, I think it is historical too. Some kinda samurai story hahaha I forgot.

Perfect weather. :) It's completely great for your eyes inside, green everywhere, and the air! So fresh!

Let's check out the temple!!

I find the trees very adorable. Does someone trim it into such a round shape or it just grow this way itself????

Reminds me of Japanese kungfu fighter hahaha!

Curiosity kills the cat. *poke*

The place where you cleanse your hands. I see people drinking it too??? O.O

Done with the "old traditional Japan" and now let's get to the "new Japan"! Hahahaha! Crazily crowded Harajuku Street!!

Candy shop! All the staff there looked like they jumped right out of anime. :D

Beautiful girls everywhere! :DDDD Beauty level in Tokyo is so high!!!

So many pretty girls, I decided not to show my face. Hahahaha.

Bought a really yummy Kebab! The seller surprised us when he suddenly spoke Chinese. He looked like Turkish and he was speaking Japanese to kareshi when I asked kareshi in Chinese if they include drinks in the set, and that guy just replied me in fluent Chinese! Hahahaha! 

The "best seats" :D

I choose to sit on the man's face bahahaha!

Saw these two guys having a photoshoot! I think they're shooting for the Harajuku Street Style website, that was what the photographer told me. He told me the website link but I forgot. T_____T So sad. But I think their outfits are pretty outrageously cool. :)

In some interesting bookstores. :)

Supper! The dip noodle! Not sure what's its real name. LOL. You just dip the noodles into the thick soup and eat it! After that you can ask the waiter to add some soup inside the thick soup and drink it like the usual soup! Hahahahaa I'm repeating the word "soup" so much I got confused. XD

Night street of Tokyo.

Oh yeah and a lot of restaurants have these machines outside so you can just order the food with them and show the waiters the receipt afterwards! :) So convenient!

Will go Japan again soon! Probably this year or next year. :) Can't get enough of that country! Amazing placeeeee!

For the time being, I'll get some sleep. Night guys! :)

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