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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Taste of Blue and Totoro

I am on the verge of giving up this post, my headache is killing me lol.

I just finished my violin exam today and got so hyper I decided to start blogging again! I need adrenaline rush like this, or else I will never start, because there are so many pictures waiting for me I'm scared to look at them! X_____X 

I want to keep all the pictures, so it means I have to choose some out of the hundreds to thousands pictures to blog about without deleting those unnecessary ones. Now I got all dizzy picking out and uploading the pictures hahahahhaa!

Picture-loaded posts like this usually took me a few hours to write it! So I really hope you guys read it slowly, I write it with blood and tears *有血有泪* 

This post is dued 2 months ago, in May, when I went to Tokyo, all by myself! Woohooo!

I took the Spring Airlines to Ibaraki Airport. 
I would advice you NOT to take Spring Airlines unless you are poor like me. LOL. Spring Airlines has really strict luggage allowance. 15kg INCLUDING HANDCARRY BAGS, which includes your handbag tqvrymuch.

And it doesn't allow you to buy luggage allowance online. If your handcarry bags + luggages exceed 15kg, each 1kg you need to pay RMB 115, which is like RM 50 plus!!!!! O____O

I didn't know about that before, I thought 15kg means luggage cannot exceed 15kg, but including handbag as well?!?!?!??!?!??!

So not going to choose Spring Airlines next time. :(((((

After reaching the airport, I took the bus to Tokyo Station! Another advice, remember to book online if you're taking the bus, or you'll have to wait for a pretty long time! I didn't book online, but I was lucky enough the second bus came really quick!

The bus took about 2 hours to get to Tokyo Station. :)

I called kareshi and he asked me to go to some place called "ziyoji", I didn't hear that quite right I guess. So I started asking ppl in the subway station in my extremely broken Japanese. I should have use English first, but you know, I just really want to use Japanese in Japan. Hahahahha!

So I was like, "Gomennasai, Tokyo Central Line, Ziyoji, where? where? doko???" The guy that I was asking looked afraid of me. =.= but he was polite enough to took out a subway map and started looking up the Central Line. Then he looked at me and shook his head, "No Ziyoji, no Ziyoji."

Frustrated with the communication gap, I called kareshi again, and this time I let him tell the guy in Japanese. And I see understanding dawned in the guy's eyes, and he was like, "OHHHHH KICHIJOJI, ahhhhhhh!"

So It should be KICHIJOJI, not ZIYOJI =.= 

I think if I take the Japanese exam, I'm so gonna fail the listening part. =.=

The crazy complicated subway in Tokyo. FYI, almost every city in Japan has complicated subway network like this. O_____O

It was too complicated I missed my station. =.= And had to walk a long way to get back on the right track. =.=

The school kids in their uniform! :) LOVE THEIR BAGS! :D I wanna get one! Hahahaha!

Kichijoji, reached.

Most of the houses in Tokyo look alike, and usually very small and compact. BUT, very clean and delicately beautiful.

My first meal in Tokyo! :) Curry rice! Best yet I've ever tried. Now I understand why kareshi always says if you come Tokyo you'll understand why I dislike Japanese cuisine in Shanghai. TOTALLY NOT THE SAME. LOL.

Present, yeayyyy! :)))))

7-11 there sells Starbucks like this! :)

After that, we dropped by drugstore and I was mesmerized. :) You can find almost everything in a drugstore. Girls will get crazy there because all the cosmetics or skin care products are all on sale and of all kinds of varieties!

Morningggggg! Waking up at Zushi Marina! A really gorgeous seaside near Kamakura! It was like 2 hours drive from Tokyo! :)


The beach there is totally different from Malaysia's! It is full of rocks, the sand looks different too, but the water is the bluest I've ever seen. :) Gorgeous blue. :) Not a hint of green at all.

Tsunami Escape building!!

Kareshi recommended this small but awesomeeeeee restaurant!

Understand nothing except the price. :)

Sashimi rice, the fish is totally fresh from the sea! :)

The most juicy fish I've ever eaten, and it is very sweet, authentic fish taste, something I've never try before! 

We walked around the place after lunch. I spotted some dandelions and got all excited. :)

This pic of kareshi blowing dandelions!!! :)

I could blow and look at dandelions all day long. :) Such a dreamy flower!!

Japan is full of beautiful beautiful flowers, everywhere.

The fish market there! Very tidy and clean, you can't even smell the stink of the fish, very amazing. :) Though the shopkeeper doesn't let me take pictures there because they don't want the price to be shown.

I find it really nice that everybody there is incredibly polite, even when they get annoyed or mad they still choose to tell you politely. Although I must say, that's also why they are under so much pressure, they have to be polite all the time, they can't express themselves. Hmm. 

I guess everything is good and bad at the same time. *shrug*

I can guess what this mean! Thanks to Chinese words! Hahahaha! If earthquake happens, go to higher ground, right??

The coconut trees there look different than Malaysia's too!

Beautiful view. :))

We went to Kamakura next. Since kareshi said we were to visit a temple, I changed into another more polite top, no more belly showing hahahahaha! :)

Kamakura is really nice shopping place!!!! I wanted to buy a lot of things but kareshi told me not to. He said, "There are a lot of similar things here you don't have to buy!" T____T But for me, everything is fun and new. LOL.

Beautiful wrapping papers! :)

Love the ice-cream there, they call it "Soft Cream". So make sure when you ask around, you say, "Where is the Soft Cream?" rather than "Where is the ice cream?" ;))))

Here comes the temple I was saying about! The Hachimangu Shrine!
To be honest I already forgotten all the names. LOL, but I painstakingly google it up coz I know they deserve to be remembered. :) And also for your references if you guys want to visit there!

I have no idea what these "flags" are about, probably... uhm... for wishes?

These are definitely wishing boards. :)

Kamakura is famous for the Totoro shop!!!! Wheeeee! *kisses*

We took a train to Enoshima after that because there was this Flower Fiesta thing that sounded really interesting!

Too bad, when we reached, the sun already went down. :'(

Oh yeah I was really mesmerized to see this! Some really sweet people made some clothes for these pigeons since the weather is pretty chilly! Hahahahhaha! Omg so thoughtful!

Imagine how nice they can be when it comes to living animals! :)))))

No more Flower Fiesta. T____T We were too late. T_______T
Anyway we just walked around there and it felt pretty nice too. :) 

Our dinner at an Italian restaurant.
Had the best salad ever. We love the sauce, and both trying our best to taste it and figure out the ingredients. =.=

My very first time trying out Italian soup pasta! SOOOOO GOOD! :)))))

They have magazines and pamphlets provided at the subway station. So you can always read something while waiting. :)

It was really cold so I bought a red shawl and warmed myself up.

Oh btw, some Japanese tips. :)
Try not to say "Gomennasai" when you want to say "Excuse me". Kareshi laughed until his tears came out when he heard me asking people directions.

I always start with "Gomennasai, blablabla doko??" Which what I really want to say is "Excuse me, where is blablabla?" LOL. The right way is to start with "Sumimasen".You can use "Gomennasai" when you do something really bad, and when you really need to ask somebody to forgive you. HAHAHAHHAA! No wonder all the people I asked all looked really afraid of me. They must think I've done something really bad. XDDDD

And the same thing goes to "Arigatou", say it when you really want to thank someone who has done something nice to you. Or else, better use "domo".
For example: buying things at some shop, when the cashier give you changes, or when the waitress serves you, use "DOMO".

You're all very welcome. Hahahahahhaa!
Till the next post! Now I really need to get some sleep!

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