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Friday, July 4, 2014

The Polymorph Extra

Some pictures from the concert with The Polymorph Extra last month! :) Amazing music and musicians! :)

Wanted to blog about Japan trip but it kills too much of my brain cells I'll leave it for another day. Hahahaha. And for the lovely friends who gives me motivation to keep blogging by sending me comments and messages, thank you so much!!! :) I'll keep on blogging! Love you guys! :)))))

About The Polymorph Extra:

The Polymorph Extra is a multi artistic live performance conceived and led by musician and painter Quentin Paquignon. Motivated by his own exploration traversing the many different ambits of expressions for arts, Paquignon designed The Polymorph Extra as a support to create art with the many different tools and languages he has find until now, a time to play with the best creative artists he has been meeting on his own trips, and a dynamic space to explore and have fun with music and art lovers.

The music of The Polymorph Extra is rooted in jazz, and from it evolves passing through different styles, using electronic devices to explore new possible sounds for the instruments. Part of the music of each session is improvised during the exploration of sounds that aim to communicate with the colors and textures projected on videos, lights, like an interactive dancing of graphic arts and music.

For more please go to:

See you guys soon! :)

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