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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer 2014 - Preloved Items Sale!

Hey guys! Finally I've done with the preloved items post! :) Hope you guys can help me to clear all these nice clothes that I've just only wear once or twice! :) I want to get something nice for my parents with the money hahahaha! :) So please help me! :)

1) Mango Elegant Bodycon Dress (SOLD)

This dress I only wore once! Perfectly elegant. I love how simple it is yet all the details and design are so exquisite! :)

Original price: RM 150+
Selling price: RM 60

Size: XS

Feel free to message me for the measurement, will be happy to let you know my size so you can compare with! :)

2) Mango Light Green Dress (SOLD)

Love the color so much! It's a really really pale green that makes my complexion looks fair! :) Gorgeous details and I've only worn it once, during CNY! :)

Original Price: RM 150
Selling Price: RM 50

Size: S

Check out the layers! I love the design of it so much!

3) La Fine Sweetie Short Gown (SOLD)

This gown is the one I bought to attend my lil aunt's wedding last time! The quality is amazing and you can see how much work it needs to make this dress! :) Love it a lot but it's just too short for me. So all the petite girls out there, grab it! :)

Original Price: RM 200
Selling Price: RM50

And for those who're worried that the gown might fall off, check out my fav design at the back! The elastic clips! hahahaha! :) I with they have that for all the strapless dresses out there! So convenient!

4) ZARA Night Blue Dress

It's probably the most crumpled dress I've ever seen, but no worries, it's supposed to be crumpled. Hahahahaha!

Btw it looks very blue under the sunlight like this, but usually it's a lot more darker, that's why I call it the Night Blue dress!

Original Price: RM 200
Selling Price: RM 50

Size: XS

Some pictures under the sunlight!

Not under sunlight! A darker shade! And the color keeps changing under different light. Very special!
And the bottom part is something like bubble bottom if you get what I mean! hahaha like it's puffed-up! My mom loves seeing me in this dress, hahaha!

5) Forever 21 Maroon Lacey Dress

Love the lace details at the back!!! :) As for the ribbon at the waist, feel free to tie it anywhere! hahaha! The quality is gooddd and I love the fabric. Worn it twice!

Original Price: RM 80
Selling Price: RM 35

Size: XS

6) Glamorous Biz Top from Xi Men Ding, Taipei

This oversized tee I got from Taipei! Never wear it before because I dun really like to show my belly button and I didn't thought of that when I bought it lol. But I'm sure you guys out there might like this! I love the transparent design at the sleeves!

Original Price: RM 60
Selling Price: RM 30

Size: Free size (meant to be oversized)

7) Healthy-for-the-eyes Green Checkered Shirt!

I love love love the color of this checkered shirt! So good to the eyes! Hahaha! And I love how long it is, so it can cover my fat butt lol. I just prefer longer outer wears to shorter ones. :) The material is kinda hard though. That's the only downside of it, but it can pair easily with a lot of things. Worn once!

Original Price: RM 60
Selling Price: RM 30
Size: Free Size

I'm selling bags as well!! :) Really nice bags! :)))) 
First off, Olive des Olive superrr cute ribbon bag! Amazinggg quality!

Original Price: RM 85
Selling Price: RM 40


And LaVinne bag that I love! :) Still in perfectly good shape! Together with the sling straps!

Original Price: RM 200
Selling Price: RM 50


Feel free to PM me at FB or for more details if you're interested! :)))))

PS: Postage fee not included if you only buy one item! I will cover the postage fee if you buy 2 items or above! :)))) Thanks again! 

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