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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Glimpses of These Days.

Thunder is growling outside. I am not a rainy person, more to a sunny one, really. But today rain suits me just fine. It has been too hot for too long.

Yesterday we had a Hari Raya gathering. The really nice Philippino lady who lives right opposite came over with huge pots of rendang kambing and kari ayam. Then her family and friends all came over to feast. Totally cheer up my boring day! For the big day, I took out my violin and played Hari raya songs while everyone sings. Loads of fun!

It feels good to spend the whole day without make up and running around greeting people in my pajamas lol. I love this down-to-earth unpretentious life here hahahaa. 

Helping out with the preparation of ghost festival in August! Need to fold these "money for the dead". At the same time polishing up my non-existing Hokkien. Now I can speak a little. "Wai po, le pat wa bo?" (Grandma, do you recognise me?) "Wa ng pat le!" (I dunno you.) Hahahaa it is fun to have a sarcastic grandma bahahahaa!

O kim (Black Gold). The one that I really want to cuddle with but afraid to. Coz I got bitten last time lol.

The raya celebration! greeting ppl in my pj and bare face hahahaa!

Helping kakak with the cooking! These brinjals are planted right outside the house by my uncles!

Meanwhile I whatsapp with my girls who are evidently enjoying themselves too and sent me these pictures hahaha!

Yue celebrated her grandma's bday!

Yingz is having her heavenly Ais Kacang at Teluk Intan.

Ying bought this awesomeeee book collection at KL bookfair.

And I am practising. Haha!

Till then!

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