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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shanghai Never Sleeps :)

I was transferring all the phone pics into my computer yesterday and after scanning through all of them, I realised I actually have a lot of things I wanted to share with you all! :) 

So here comes the compilation of my Shanghai life! :)

1) Parties in the dorm

Telmuun's room is the fanciest in our dorm, because he and Jimmy spent quite some money at IKEA and modified their room into a super cosy and amazing room. And they always welcome everyone in the dorm to hold parties there! :)))

Some bday-party pics of our Mongolian friend, Bayarmaa! :) Yes she cooked the food herself. A lot of my friends are really good at cooking! :) *which I should really learn from them.. *sigh**

Telmuun my best guyfriend on the left, and Aisuke our new Japanese friend! :) You can just pronounce his name as "S.K".

2) Jun's Bday Party! 

The most mangolicious bday cake ever!!! Taste sooo good I didn't believe it was from a Chinese cake store at first. *biased eh, sorry ahhahahaa*

With the bday boy Jun wearing the Abercrombie shirt in the middle! Nice meeting his friends! :) All really cool people! :) Xingxing was there at first but she left very soon, so didn't get to get her in the pic. :'(

3) Random OOTD LOL.

Just.... some random OOTD shot. Hahahaha!

4) Gorgeous Twinsie, Micky! :D (Our Mooncake Festival)

Okay it's kinda weird to call her Micky because I usually call her her Chinese name, Peng Yue or nickname Yue Yue hahahahhaa. Anyway, she's 176cm and I'm 174cm so we loveee hanging out together! :D Coz we can give proper shopping advices to each other, knowing all the pros and cons of being tall LOL.

We celebrated the Mooncake Festival in Mister Donut LOL. She recommended this Strawberry Milk, pretty good!

5) Havana Mojito in Unico!

I love Unico! It's one of the best clubs I've been to, coz the music is great!!! All brazilian music. And for that particular evening, it's all Salsa music! :)))) And the mojitos are all half-priced!

With my gorgeous party babe. No need to introduce her already, right? Hahahaha we basically do all the fun things together! :DDDD Really happy to have her!

She looks amazinggg everyday everytime!!!

Happy girl who loves dancing hahaha! Now I can dance salsa! :D It's so fun twirling around in circles and go 123, 123! :)

6) The Edge Of Tomorrow Movie Date with Micky!

Hahahaha we wore couple outfit that day! :)))) The Edge of Tomorrow is pretty interesting, I like the story but Yueyue doesn't. LOL. She said she almost fell asleep hahaha!

Twins outfit!

7) After-concert supper at Cantina Agave!

We finished our International Student Concert in our conservatory, which was a blast, and head towards Cantina Agave the Mexican restaurant for supper!

With my pretty Indonesian girls! 
L to R: Jesslyn, Ai Ai and Natasha!

All the girls yeay! :)

8) Random Cool Orange Bike. 

I'm thinking of painting my bicycle into one color like this. Hahahhaha!

9) Lao Wang Hotpot (Amaze-balls!)

A new eating place I found! Recommended by my friend! It's pepper chicken soup, and ohhhh it tastes amazinggggg!

The orange colour thing are some rare mushroom, they say it's very good for women! :) Will get radiant skin hahahaha!

The crab-meat balls!!!! OMGGGGG!!!!

Love this! Reminds me of Moscow's building hahahaha!

Right???? Hahahahha!

10) Visiting Micky's gig!

She's having this pretty cool gig at an abandoned building! The idea is an art exhibition in this dirty abandoned buillding and she and a few other dancers need to do a flash mob thing. Hahahaha! So she needs to blend in with the audience and suddenly went forward and pick up the cello and play! hahahahhaa!

Why all my friends so gorgeous??? :DDD

11) White Party at Bar Rouge!

My first time attending a White Party! :))) Luckily I bought a white outfit a week earlier. We can get free entrance if we wear completely white! :)

The lighting inside makes everything white glows!!!

Fire show :)

A way to check if the money is real! hahaha!

Gorgeous ladiessssss!!!!! Xing Xing!!!

And our new friend, Arevik!!! Extremely gorgeous and really good in dancing too! :) She's also Armenian! :)))

They provide white feather scarves like this hahaha!

Some random friends from U.S. :) Nice people!

And got photobombed by this guy who looks very much like George Clooney. LOL.

Or maybe he is the real deal? Very alike! :DDD

12) Fairytale Wedding Gig!

One of the most beautiful wedding I've been to, so fairytale-ish! I heard they spent like RMB 200,0000 on this wedding hmmm...

A castle one the stage!!!!

Flower gates!

In the make-up room piled with souvenirs for the guests.

13) Cat Peeping In!

A picture of my friend playing in a Masterclass and the cat is peeping in from outside!!! So cute!!!

14) Birthday Lunch with Yiguo!

Lunch with my babe Yiguo! She just had her wedding on 20th July! And I'm very sorry that I couldn't attend. :( 

This was our lunch together on her birthday! :)) 

I wish you happily ever after with ur hubby!!!! Mwahhhhh! Stay pretty stay strong stay awesomeeee!

15) Happy Face After Violin Exam

16) Totally Coincidental Twins Outfit OMG!

Hahahaa seriously we didn't talk about this when we wanted to meet up!
We bought this same top last time at H&M and we actually wore them together without planning to hahahaa! And we have the same kinda sling bag and black bottom hahahaha crazyyyyy!

17) Meeting up with Mr 2 meters!

First time feeling like a midget besides this super tall friend, Solomon! :) It's really funny to say but we met in a club! :) I never really talk to guys in club so probably he is my first friend ever from there! 

Turns out he's amazingly nice and we are the same age! Wheeeee! :))) Good luck in your job and see you soon!

Till the next post! Ciao!

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