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Thursday, July 31, 2014

All the way into Merlion's land!

Back to my home sweet home! Feels so good to be back after such a long travel. I hate travelling in bus because I will get carsick lol. 

Btw I loveeee the phone Blogger app! Coz now I no longer need to transfer phone pics into my computer, instead I will just upload straight using the app and put in the words using my computer! Awesomesauce!!!!

Went to Singapore the night before yesterday. It was completely random, coz I was told that we would depart for Singapore early morning yesterday, but uncle called us the night before and told us to get ready ASAP, he would drive us to Singapore in half an hour because we could avoid the awful traffic jam! :D

Uncle checked the traffic jam status at the custom online, and through the CCTV it showed that it was the perfect time to go. And he proved himself to be the genius, we got through for less than 30 mins omg! From grandma's house to Singapore wtf. First time so smooth and so fast, all the way green lights hahahahahaha! Crazyyyy!

When we reached our aunt's house in Singapore, it was like 10pm stg, and uncle suggested to bring us out for a night tour! :) Pictures time!

Love the backside shot taken by my cousin, Hui Ling! :) She always steals some shots of me and I love how they turn out!

That man I placed a Snowman on was my uncle hahahahaha, he was pointing to the camera saying something lol lol.

Somewhere in Chinatown. :)

Gardens by the Bay at night! Amazingggg view! I suggest you guys to go there at night because with all the lights it looks better!

Of course not to miss this amazinggggg place!

We had our supper around 12am, the duck noodle! Not noodle actually, in Chinese it is called 粿汁, the soup is herbal and overall it is pretty good! :)

And I must show you my baby nephew, Travis! :) He's the smartest fellow there hahahaa! He was so shy at first when we got there. Can't blame him because imagine suddenly a bunch of strangers barging into your house. Anyway afterwards he handled us with grace and started showing us his toys!

I have to say Alicia sis did an amazing job teaching him! She handmade all these "toys" to teach him how to recognise big and small, different kinds of animals and different colors! :) In this picture below, you can pull out the dogs and let him put them back into their kennels according to their size! :) Travis is so smart we just couldn't stop clapping for him! :)))))

Happy kid when we applaused for him hahahahaha!

The next morning! We woke up early to get our breakfast. This is my "my tummy hurts" face. I'm a genius, I drank a whole big glass of ICED nescafe the afternoon before my period came. =.=

So I basically spent the whole day looking like this and chanting "ahhh so painful so painful so painful T___T".

Again, some nice candid backshots taken  by my cousin! :)

Mommy the photobomber hahahaha!

Why hide behind me? LOL! 

Saw this cute little toddler with gorgeous brown curls! He was so active and kept climbing here and there hahahaa! His mom was like pushing his babycar and at the same time trying to control him, but totally in vain hahahahaha!

My 2 sweet cousins and I riding lions roarrrrrr. That woman in blue is the little boy's mommy! See her stern expression hahahaa!

The crocodile chair!!! :)


Eyes-popping-out tribal faces. :)

Pictures with the board at the carpark wtf. Coz this one is nicer than the main one. 

The weather was crazy, right after we got into our car, it started to rain like no tomorrow. The thunder and lightning got pretty crazy too. Compare the previous sunny pictures and this one!!!

I must must must ask you guys to go try out my aunt's amazeballssss breakfast stall at AngMoKio!!!! These are really crazily good, trust me. 

But again, I didn't get the address. =.= So.. yeah.

Went to a shopping mall in JB with my cousins that evening. We tried out this interesting Panda Paw's buns! :) Pretty good! I chose the milk flavor bun with mushroom sauce and fish fillet, while my cousins had the milk flavor bun with teriyaki sauce and grilled chicken! :)

Love the paw! :)

Till then, xoxo!

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