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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Working with S.H.E!

This shall be the record of my working experience with famous pop star group, S.H.E at Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai.

First of all, I'll show you the Mercedes Benz Arena. 
It's not a place for selling cars, just a small area of it I guess. It is the place where all the biggest concerts in Shanghai are held. 

From Wikipedia:
The Mercedes-Benz Arena (Chinese梅赛德斯-奔驰文化中心pinyinMéisàidésī-bēnchí Wénhuà Zhōngxīn), formerly known as theShanghai World Expo Cultural Center, is an indoor arena located on the former grounds of Expo 2010 in PudongShanghai,China. It is owned and operated by the AEG-OPG joint venture.
The facility seats 18,000 people and includes a smaller venue, The Mixing Room & Muse, which is a more intimate live-music venue.[1]
The arena hosted the opening ceremony for the Expo 2010, during which it was known as the Expo Cultural Center.

For me it looks like some kinda foreign spaceship that's too cool for words. Hahahaha! Check it out!
At night with all the colourful lights.

In the morning looks like some odd-shaped egg. O.O

And the inside of the arena.

Btw why does Mercedes benz have the naming rights to this arena?

Answer: The arena is sponsored in a ten-year deal by Mercedes-Benand was officially renamed the Mercedes-Benz Arena on January 15, 2011.

Enough fancy photos, now back to my phone pictures hahahahaa! :) Here's the backstage area where all the dancers and musicians rest.

The corridor of the backstage. The walls are full of concert pictures of all the famous artists who performed at the arena. See Adam Lambert??

While waiting for our turns. We are the string players! :) They have a wonderful snack supply at the resting area. Cookies, instant noodles and coffee!

During the rehearsal time! :) We will sit on the chairs and wait for our turns. Those are the dancers sitting there. :)

Actually pictures are forbidden during the rehearsal, because they're worried that people might expose the concert backdrop and special effects out before the concert started, and it'll spoil all the surprises. 

So I didn't take any more pictures afterwards!

After the rehearsal, and before the concert started, everyone needs to go and pray together, that's the most interesting part I think, because it's also the Taiwanese culture, to burn the incense and pray for the smoothness of the concert and safety of all the crews. :)

My new fav clip-on earrings! :)))) From H&M, it was on sale and only RMB 5!!!! OMG!

How we spent our time hahahaha! Reading and playing ipad games.

Shanghai troops on one table and Taiwanese babes another! :) A Lo (the girl I drew orange stripes on her head) so sensitive to the camera hahahaha!

Trying to get everyone in!

Selfies with my new Taiwainese friends! :))))) All string players!

First off, the sweet violinist, A Lo! Actually I've met her before on my Taipei trip! The last day when we had beef noodle with Si Le's 2 Taiwanese friends? She's one of them! Really happy to meet her again here! :)

Love her tiger teeth and dimples!

With gorgeous Fiona! She looks a bit mixed-blood, really pretty! She is also a violinist! :) She has been a great help to me, teaching me how to play on the stage and a lot of stage tips!!! Thank you so much!!! And she has the sweetest voice ever!

With Amy the cellist! She's really fun, hahahaha! Amy, Chui Xiao (Shanghai's cellist) and I went to shopping during the break time and it rained so heavily on our way back. I only had an umbrella, a small one, so I was like omgg what to do, you guys wait here I'll send you to the arena one by one. And Amy was like striding into the rain with no second thoughts and said, No don't worry it's fine, let's go. LOL. 

She's just really cool in everywhere, not very girlish type, I like it. Hahahaha!

With the super cuteeee violist, Chiee Yeh! :) She looks exquisite but wait till you talk to her, she's completely crazy hahahahahaha! She doesn't mind doing crazy poses or distorting her face hahahahahahha!

To be honest, all four of them are so fun I love hanging out with them!!!

The after-concert photoshoot session.
Theme: Supermodel, Muscleman, Crazy girls, and Hip Hop Style.

Hahahaha image destroyed. XD

Trying to let my face covers in light. Hahahahah. Hence the my-neck-is-broken pose.

The dancers!!! All have hot body figures omg! *drools*

Heading out to watch the concert after we were done with our part! We played 4 songs altogether and after that we were free to do what we wanted! So Chui Xiao and Jie Wan (Shanghai's cellist and violist) and I decided to go out and watch the concert! :)

Underneath the stage! :)

Say hello to 18,000 audience :)

Hebe, Ella and Selina! :) They're actually pretty petite in size when I see them! Maybe because i'm too tall for normal Asian girls lol. 

Hebe is the one with most exquisite face features and ladylike, Ella is the funniest and most boyish one, and Selina is always full of positive vibes and bubbly personality. :)

Some cool backdrop effects. :)

The Persian Cat. Guess everyone knows that song. :) Hahaha!

The audience are amazing. :) They love S.H.E.

Me, Chui Xiao (cellist) and Jie Wan (violist)

After that, S.H.E announced that it was the last song, and they disappeared. The crowd went wild and requested for encore.

And then they appeared again!!! It was a great concert and everyone was satisfied ahhahaha.

All the concert crews had an after-concert celebration/supper get-together afterwards! At first we wanted to go ask for pictures with S.H.E after the supper but the supper lasted longer than we expected, and we eventually got so sleepy we decided to go home early. 

In compensation we stole a picture of them chatting at the table right opposite ours. Hahaha!

It was a great experience. And it was fun working with them and feeling all the amazingly positive vibes everyone has! :) I guess that's what they mean when they say, I really love what I'm doing now! :) I can totally feel it. :)

Will start working on my preloved-items sale soon! :) Stay tuned!

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