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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Horrible Internet Speed :(

I don't even want to apologise for being M.I.A for so long because I don't even feel guilty anymore omg. Hahahaha. 

Time flies and so many things/events/incidents happen I don't have time or energy to blog about all of them. School is the priority. So now finally when I finally get to have winter holidays and back in my favourite hometown in Malaysia, I guess I deserve some time to sit down and get back into blogging business, even if it's only for a month. LOL.

My hometown was flooded last month, I'm glad that everyone's fine. There's nothing much else to be worried about since my grand piano is long dead (thanks to the flood last year) and other things are "movable" to higher ground lol.

The only annoying thing, the "side effect" of the flood, will be the terrible internet speed I'm now experiencing. 

And it's not just the internet speed, it's like the whole system gone haywired! I can't even get onto facebook or blogger sometimes! Something like this will pop up:

What do you mean "real" facebook? O.O 
I thought I'm already free of the stupid "facebook-banning" thing, and now this. Confusing hmm. :( So I will just have to keep trying my luck and refreshing the window until I get lucky.

So yeah, now I got lucky with Blogger and immediately started blogging just in case it gone crazy again. LOL.

I went to Tokyo the second time on 17th January! :) And I'm still very amazed with everything there yet. I have so many thoughts I want to share and interesting stuff as well! :) So read on! :)

In a shopping mall in Kichijoji.

Even the veges on sale are cut and displayed beautifully for you to try out the taste. Note the dressing bottle and the introduction sheet! Crazy lol. I tried all of them out, uncooked, and the taste is so amazing I puked rainbow. O.O So fresh and the carrot actually tasted naturally sweet!

Got these adorable presents from Miki! She went to Vietnam for holidays so I didn't get to meet her this time! :( She actually mailed all these presents to me!! Thanks Miki!!!!

Taiyaki. Fish with red bean paste in their tummy. Best served while hot. :))))

I think this one is 2nd or 3rd floor of a shopping mall. When the elevator door opened, I was like "Woooooowww". Didn't expect to see a whole garden on 2nd or 3rd floor! Had a great time eating Taiyaki there and enjoying the sun! :)

The sky in Tokyo is always blue, without any trace of cloud.

I was sicked for the first 3 days, so didn't really have the energy to go around and check things out. Really sad about it because it's such a waste of precious time! T___T It's not like I get to come here often. :(((

Anyway I got amazinggggg home-cooked food by kareshi so it's okay. :))))

Japanese eggs is my fav!!! The very healthy soup. :) Perfect for winter.

5-star sausage tomato pasta. :))))

And the salad is the vege we got from the very fancy shopping mall I showed you guys above. :) The one with introduction sheets and all. Just cut it up into pieces and served with dressing, that's it! No need to cook it or whatever! 

So crunchy and juicy!!! T____T I want to eat it everyday!!!

Was amazed with the coffee bag there. LOL. This is for Drip Coffee. So convenient!

The amazing kareshi self-made dessert. O.O When can I cook like this????
Cream also self-made omg. He can totally become a chef already. 

As for the apple, he heated butter and sugar on a pan and put the sliced apple in for a few minutes, then it became sugar-coated apple, perfect to go with the cake!! 

All these make me want to be better in cooking. Hmm. Foods for thoughts, literally. Hahahaha.

Alright, now, this is not cooked by kareshi. Hahahaa. We went to a restaurant, and this is THE BEST CURRY I've ever eaten. 


Discovered some interesting restaurants in buses/vans!! :))) So adorable! And the food looks amazing too!

Oh no, I forgot the name of this place. :( I sucks with remembering names, especially one in a language I'm not good at. LOL.

Anyway just look at the pictures. Hahahaha. It has a gorgeously lit stairway in the middle! :)

I'm still pretty sick so couldn't really walk around much. That wraps up a day! :) Will update more soon! :))

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