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Friday, March 28, 2014

Getting 2 Holes In My Ears.

Feeling like blogging because it is weekend! Yeay!!! :)))) And also to celebrate that the sad month, March is coming to an end soon! :)

Oh, did I mention I FINALLY pierced my ears after 22 years and 3 months on earth? Hahahaha! I know, I know, it's no big deal to many of you, who have like at least 5 to 8 piercings already, but for me it sure is a big deal. I've always find piercing holes onto people's body something scary to do. I'm very afraid of pain lol. Even if I got poked with a needle, tears come into my eyes. So... yeah, poking THROUGH my ears definitely is a big deal for me lol.

Btw, I think I should start telling you guys WHY I suddenly gotten so bold and get it done?

It was 2 days ago, I dragged 2 of my friends to OPA to get a pair of non-hole pierce. If you follow me on my instagram, you probably will know that I'm starting up this accessories craze lately and purchase a number of rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Then one day, it occurred to me, HEY I miss out earrings! 

For a person who doesn't have ear piercings, the best solution to looking pretty and skipping the painful procedure, will definitely be non-hole pierce earrings!!! Hahahaha!

I'm over the moon when I found this in OPA. Didn't see it anywhere else. It's slightly pricey, RMB 140 but I bought it anyway and wore it afterwards, feeling super happy.

I went to a chamber rehearsal that afternoon and was telling my friends about this new non-hole pierce that I bought, and one of the girls suddenly asked me, "Why don't you just pierce your ears? Then you can wear all sorts of earrings you want!"

I was like, "Yeahhh I know but it's really painful I don't think I can do it."

She waved it away like I was saying something completely nonsensical."Oh come on! It doesn't hurt at all!!! Just like an ant sting, for 1 second and it's gone! Trust me, I just did it last month! It is nothing!! See now I'm wearing this golden honeybee earrings!" *cue my gasp at the pretty earrings*

She continued, "If you want, I can bring you there later! It's just on the 2nd floor of Parkson, and it's completely free and professional!"

*cue my second gasp at the words "free" and "professional"*

Well, now you probably have a very clear idea how I am convinced to go for it. LOL. Why not? Everything sounds amazing! No pain (maybe just a sting), FREE and PROFESSIONAL! And what's more?! I don't have to wait for another day! My friend will bring me there right there and then!!!

Given no time to ponder over the aftermath, I just went, excited and happy at the prospect. When we got there, lo and behold, it is a shop selling REAL jeweleries all prices range 4 digits and above. Apparently my friend is a VIP there, and she knows all the staff there very well. She told them that I wanted to pierce my ears, and I was immediately seated in no time.

The reality began to dawn on me when the staff brought upon something resemble a giant stapler and a box full of facial cotton and some bottles of medical liquids. My pupils started to dilate in fear.

Again, they said the same stuff, don't worry it's just a sting you probably won't feel anything. And the staff adjusted the stapler thing to where she was supposed to pierce through.

I turned my eyes towards the ceiling, searching for a light to focus on, I always do that when I am having some kinda injection. Something to distract myself, but somehow that doesn't work that day. :( And I hope somebody can just talk to me, but they were all staring at me, and that subconsciously made myself focus ENTIRELY on the impending poke-through moment.

I don't know if you guys are the same like me. If I feel something, it visualizes in my mind. If I hear or smell something that triggers a feeling in me, my mind will start popping pictures and videos. LOL. Very bizarre. 

And that particular moment, when the needle suddenly poke through my ear lobes, my mind suddenly went flash-white kinda blank, and then I visualizes a horrifying drill drilling through my ear lobes. I yelled and tears came into my eyes.

The staff was scared by me too LOL. And she was like HEY DON'T MOVE OR I MIGHT POKE SOMEWHERE ELSE!!

Anyway, as what my friend said, she was indeed a professional and despite the fright, she got it at the exact right place lol. And we continued the second pierce after I calmed myself down.

There it is! She says that I have very small earlobes. To be honest now I just have a good look at my ears. Hmm. They say if you have a big meaty earlobes you will have a good life. So.... my small earlobes mean I'm have a poor life eh? =.=

Nah not going to believe it. :( Unless it is some good stuff. *in denial* Hahahahah!

So I'm stuck with this silver colour earrings for at least 1 month until it completely heals. Then I can start playing around with different kinda earrings WHEEEEEE!!!

Btw, here a picture I took of the super cute handwriting of Chae Won, my Korean friend! Look like some comic fonts!!!!

All the international students are required to join the Chinese class, it doesn't matter if you're already really good in Chinese (Like us Malaysians lol). Anyway it is very fun, the teacher gives us some questions in Chinese and asks us to translate it into our native language and see what is the difference.

For example:

1) 你是学生?Kamu pelajar?
2) 你是学生吗?Adakah kamu seorang pelajar?
3)你是学生吧?Kamu seorang pelajar, kan?

Hahahahaa!! Yeah I know my B.M is shitty, but that's the best I can come up with. It is interesting to see how a single word in Chinese can mean so much difference! :)

And oh yeah just want to recommend you guys a really awesome lip mousse series from Innisfree! I've gotten 2 colours from the series, and I've been recommending it to almost everyone that I've met, and at least 10 of them got influenced and went to get it too! Hahahahhaa!

I can be very persuasive if I want to! The series is called Cheon Song Yi's series! :)))

This is me without any lip products, look kinda tired and sickly lol.

Here I'm using the number 2 of the series, an orangey colour! Just put a few dabs onto your lip like this. HAHAHA!

Then use your finger to slowly dab and spread it evenly, do it slowly, it will achieve a super natural effect at the end. And what's more? It's NOT sticky!! What I hate most about lipsticks and lip glosses are they're so sticky and uncomfortable. But this lip mousse, you just don't feel anything on your lip, but the colour pops!

I look fairer now don't you think? And more healthy too! It changes the whole face! *magical!* I really love it because it's very natural!

And here's Number 1 from the series, there are altogether 6 different colours. And I think these 2 lightest colours suit me better. :)

Number 1 is a shade of pink that is very barbie-ish. :) It depends on what you wear. I will switch between the colours depend on my mood and outfit hahaha. :)

The price is like around RM 50 each I guess. You guys can check out in the Innisfree stores nearby! :)

And before ending this post, I need to share with you guys a hilarious thing last time during a gig. HAHAHAHAA!

It was a pretty high-class gig, but apparently the organizer was a pretty stingy person, and wouldn't want to spend more money on the musicians' food. So she asked some auntie to cook us some fried rice, veges and soup. 

While on the other side, they were having abalones, sushi, sashimi and all kinds of expensive food you can think of. LOL.

Nah, lemme show you the picture of the fried rice, soup and vege okay? And I'll continue the story later hahahahahha!

Very not impressive right? Anyway, we were not complaining really, it is still considered pretty tasty despite the lack of meat inside LOL.

While we were eating, suddenly the organizer came. She was an out-spoken middle-aged lady wearing all red. 

"So do you guys like the foodddddddd????"

She has this habit of dragging on the last word hahahaa! We just nodded. And one of us asked, "Uhm, is there possibly some other dishes on the way?"

The lady immediately replied, with huge eyes and big gestures, "Oh dearrrrrrr, I must tell you this. Don't see all the food here looking like dull and unimpressive, they're all good stuff!! This fried rice right here. We used the best rice from Thailand! Have you heard of it? It's veryyyy expensive! All the people who came over to our place always request for it because it tastes soooo good! Even girls on diet cannot resist it they just keep wanting more!!! Look at the eggs we used in the fried rice. It was imported from Japan, very good quality and lemme tell you, the taste is completely divine. I'm sure you'll know the difference after you eat it, right?"

Us: *unconvinced but just nod our heads*

She continued,
"And this plate of veges over here. OMG I MUST TELL YOU. Did you see the thing that look like potato and taste just like raddish? Oh nonono, it's not raddish, it is some very special vege that you can only find in Wen Zhou, you can't get it in Shanghai! Speaking of which, we just imported these from Wen Zhou this afternoon! You guys are so lucky. After you eat this, your skin will become better and shinyyyyyyyy!"

One of the girls mumbled under her breath,"Well it is just raddish, and the effect of eating it is we will fart a lot afterwards."

Luckily she didn't hear it HAHAHAHAA!! 

She was unfazed even if she sensed that none of us were convinced lol.
She continued, "ANDDDDD this soup over here. It is the best we have! The water are from Italy, you see we are an Italian company producing wine, olive oil and mineral water. And we use our best mineral water to make this pot of soup for you guys! Lucky you!!! It is not cheap you know, and it is also extremely good for the skin!"

Hmm, FYI, the soup is totally TASTELESS and doesn't have anything inside of it. =.=

She can definitely get a prize for being so good at sales hahahahahaa! We just nod like crazy while she was doing the talking, and finally when she was satisfied that all of us looked convinced. She went off, and we had a great time laughing about it! Hahahahaa!!!

And I said, "Hey girls, we're eating such an expensive meal!!! Dig in!"

LOL LOL LOL!!! :))))) It was really fun anyway! XDDDD

Say hi to the Italian mineral water! Hahahahaa!

Till then, hahahaha, happy weekend!!!

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