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Monday, March 10, 2014

Collaboration Post: Q&A Vlog with My Babes! :D

Hey babes & dudes! I've got back to Shanghai for a week now! And it has been a really hectic one. A huge contrast to my super relaxing days in Malaysia. *missing Malaysia already!*

Just one week back here and it is so god damn happening I already have dark circles and pimples popping out on my face. For 2 consecutive days I have 4 gigs lining up and school was fun too! Though I'm craving for more napping time. 

It's really funny because I've been talking to Fion almost everyday, and there're a lot of time when I was napping and at the same time I'm talking to her too. She was like, "Are you sure you're taking a nap now? Why are you still talking to me?" Hahahahaa! Well, I really am trying to have a little rest, but my Wechat just keep getting messages, people asking me to do stuff, or going to gigs, or even asking me to help to find people for some part-time jobs blablabla. You name it. LOL.

I don't know, sometimes I just feel really tired. *maybe I just need to learn to say no,I'm still working on that. It's some personality problem. No good.*

What I feel sometimes:

LOL. Okay forget it. Back to this Q&A vlog!

Actually it is Fion's idea, since we didn't do any collaboration for a long time, and she thinks it will be really fun to do vlog again! :) I was like YES I'M ON! Totally spices up my blogger spirit hahahahaa! There're 4 of us joining this collaboration: Fion, Maple, Ivy and me!

We decided to do a Q&A Vlog. So where do we get the questions? To make it more fun, each of us will provide 5 questions, so everyone will answer the other 3 ppl's questions, adding up to 15 questions altogether! :) It's a good way so every video consists of 5 different questions! Hah! :)

I only took like 1 hour totally to take the video. I didn't think about the answers much, just spontaneously answer them in the video, so I'm sorry for a lot of "uhm..." and "ahh..." LOL! I was like omg it is 11 minutes in total, why I so long-winded?! Hahahaa!

So just watch it if you guys want to know me better, or if you don't mind to waste 11 minutes of your life. Hahahahaa! :)

To watch my babes' vlogs do go to their blogs!

Have to put 2 pictures coz I can't decide which one I like better! :) So pretty omg!!! :) 天生丽质太上镜 lol lol! 

Besides my bassclef babe is super natural in her vlogs too!! You guys can go check out her other vlogs in her Youtube as well. :))) I always pester her to update her blog coz I love to read what she writes. Especially those long-ass posts. :) Coz her personality shines through the words and it is fun reading it! :)

I am very curious about Maple's vlog because she uses up to 5 days to do it! Hahahahaa! I was like, wow that's so long! I only use 1 hour! Hahahaa!

She's my childhood friend since forever and her jolly personality never stop to brighten up my day! :) If you know her you'll definitely be attracted too hahaa! :D A very very happy-go-lucky person. :)))

This sweetie pie has the sweetest voice ever! :) Every time hear her voice I feel like melting hahaha! And she's also a very very very 细心 kinda person. T____T Say until here, I feel very very gan dong. She DIY a tissue cover for us last time, 太有心思了!!!!! You guys can check out her DIY tissue cover HERE, super duper pretty one ok?!

Hope you guys enjoy watching! And I'll update about my life soon! :))) Stay tuned!

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