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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gimme A Boost of Positivity! :)

It has been a pretty depressing week. 

Since 2 days ago I've read so many hateful comments hurled towards Malaysia by the Chinese citizens. It ranges from those insulting our government to those outrageous ones that insult our home country, asking their fellows countrymen to stop visiting our "disgusting and disgraceful" country to make this "stupid little country's economy fall".

Whoa, wait a minute people, nobody who ever come to Malaysia thinks it's a shit country. It's the most beautiful country I've ever known. So stop saying shit things about my beloved country before you know anything about it, especially NOT as a tool to show off your so-called "patriotism". Tqvrymuch.

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of our government. Let's just say, I'm not a fan of ANY political stuff. I'm having this love-hate relationship with Malaysia as a whole, I guess everyone in the world does. There's bound to be pros and cons in everything, there's nothing such as perfection in this world.

I'm sure all of us will agree to disagree with some of the unjust things that our government does, and at the same time, I still love Malaysia for being Malaysia. The landscape, the people, etc. And it truly saddened me to see people insulting Malaysia as "The most disgusting country ever". Especially when some of my Chinese acquaintances are sharing those too. I wonder whether they hate me for being a Malaysian too? I've no idea. I just hope that they'll calm down and see this thing as a single incident, and separate "Malaysia" as a country instead of "How Malaysian government & MAS handling MH370 = Malaysia is a shit place".

Everywhere I go, TV talks about it, people talks about it, not 1 second did I miss the word "Malaysia" in people's conversations. It was viral. Anyway, I'm glad and feeling blessed that my Chinese friends are being really sweet and supportive. They know that I'm depressed that my country are being judged for the incident, and they replied on my Wechat status, saying "We still like you very much!" "It's not your fault that this happened anyway, it's not like you've anything to do with it!" "People should be rational about this, don't mind what they say."

All these comments are really uplifting and I'm really happy that all my friends are so clear-minded about it! :) Nobody wants this thing to happen, and despite all those people spreading rumors and scolding our government for it, I just wish you guys can REALLY keep track of the whole incident, instead of following what others say blindly. And put yourself in their shoes, if you're the one handling this situation, will you be able to handle it perfectly well? And check the sources whether it is the media that twisted what they say, or do they actually said those exact words?

Just saying.*shrug*

Since I didn't update my blog for a long time. I will just make a longgggg post to record what I did in March! :) 4 more days and March will go, and I'm looking forward to a more promising April!

Some pictures from a really grand wedding in Shangrila. Obviously some really rich people, coz they hired 20 musicians to perform both as a chamber music and electronic string chamber afterwards too. LOL.

I was like WOW when I got there. Seriously, it's like the grandest wedding I've ever seen INSIDE of a hotel. They can do so much to a limited space like this. LOL.

Such as bringing a merry-go-round into that place.

And having REAL rose-embroidered gates welcoming the guests. :)

The must-have dessert area!

The very concert-ish interior hahahaa! Where the electronic string ensemble going to skip around on stage later. Pretty crazy huh? XD

And another wedding gig that I really enjoyed being in. :) It is in white rose theme, everything is really demure and elegant. :)

Everything has roses on it, even the table cloth lol. So pretty. :)))

Come in. :)

And another gig last time for some huge U.S company in Shangrila as well. I really can call Shangrila as my second home coz I go there at least 3 times that week lol.

They provided us this peachy gown that I really like! :))))

Got lots of awesome gifts in March! A cellist girl that I'm very fond of but never get to talk to much. She called me one evening as asked whether I'd be at home later that night. 

It turned out that she wanted to give me THIS awesome present below as an appreciation that I always recommend her to new cello students. 

Omg, seriously, I don't think I do anything at all. I just forwarded the message to her whenever anyone asks me to find them a cello teacher, coz she's good in both playing and teaching and I'm sure she would make a great teacher. I mean, I only do some simple connection in between, texting and forwarding messages that's it, no sweat! But she kept saying she couldn't thank me enough and both of us are like thanking each other profusely, non-stop. LOL.

Anyway again, I'm very very touched to get these! My all-time-fav L'OCCITANE Sakura series! :))))) Love the smell sooooo much! :)))))

Nope nope, more presents coming! :D Hahahahaha! Thank you Sera baby for this super adorable cartoon-ish Stress-free shower set! Wahahahhaa! The funniest present I've got ever!!!!! 

She told me that she would order me something online from the UK brand ASOS, and asked me to wait for it in Shanghai. I'm like super looking forward to it, and 2 weeks passed without any news, and we started to get worried about it.

Then one day I just got the note asking me to collect it at the post office. It was a rainy day and that morning something shitty happened so I wasn't in a good mood. I was really happy to go to collect that present, but... when I got there the parcel was in Sera's name (coz the website requires the sender to put the name of the account holder!) and the auntie working there wouldn't let me collect it without showing her Sera's IC or passport omg. =.=

I was having a class later and needed to go back soon, and I seriously DON'T feel like coming to this place again, given my shitty mood that day. LOL. So I showed her the Whatsapp picture Sera sent me last time, it has all the parcel details etc. Sera's name, my phone number, my address. I told her that she could even try calling my phone there *waving my phone at her, it's going to ring, hey!*

ANYWAY, auntie is not convinced. She just keep shaking her head and say it is a protocol, they need the IC number blablablablablaaaaa. In the end I was like BUT I SHOWED YOU ALL THE PROOF!!!! MY FRIEND IS NOT ONLINE!!! AND I LIVE FARAWAY FROM HERE I DON'T WANNA COME HERE AGAIN!!! CAN  YOU PLEASEEEE JUST GIMME THE PARCEL?

She said, NO.

Awesome. So I just sulk there and started whatsapping my friends asking them to help me to reach Sera. Feel really bad about it, coz I know if Sera's not online, she's probably busy or in class, but she still has to go through the trouble just to find some place to online and send me her IC. :( Shitty. :( Sorry baby. :(

I stood there like 30 minutes sulking, and waiting for reply. In the end the auntie apparently understand that I'm not some crazy parcel thief, since nobody would have stand so long for a parcel LOL LOL. And I think she felt sorry for me too, so she was like, "Hey, I guess you're telling the truth, so this time I'll just skip the protocol okay? Next time make sure you bring your friend's IC here. I'll give you the parcel now, you've been waiting for a long time."

And I replied her sheepishly, "Thank you, sorry for yelling at you just now. It's my fault anyway." And everything was good. LOL. I walked out of the post office with the parcel and after 2 minutes, Uzey sent me Sera's IC by Whatsapp, so I ran back into the post office and let the auntie copy the IC number, so just in case anything really happened, I'll make sure she doesn't skip her protocol. Hahahaha! :)

Picture of the finally-happy girl with her present! I really need this stress-free set, under lotsa stress lately sometimes I snap at people. LOL.

And these pictures are from a night out with my baby Xing Xing! Pretty much the funniest night ever! We dressed up for the Latin Night in Bar Rouge, and I didn't bother to wear any leggings even though it is windy outside and around 5 degree celsius. I'm positive that we will catch a cab very soon.

I'm sooooo wrong.

We stood in the wind for 1 freaking hour and WE COULDN'T GET ANY CAB OMG. NOT EVEN ONE CAB. There were just too many people out there trying to catch a cab too. 

So in the end I'm pretty much frozen up, and Xing Xing was throwing her hands up, saying "SERIOUSLY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! NO CAB?!"


In the end, we gave up going there. No more mood for it ahhahahaa! But pictures are still a must! How can we just go back home and sleep without any nice pictures?! 

So we went inside the shopping mall Iapm nearby. It closes at 12am I think. And we took pictures in the ladies, which has the best lighting ever. HAHAHAHAHAAA!

Crazy night. :) The auntie working in the ladies was really nice and kept smiling at us. I think deep down she must have felt sorry for us. HAHAHAHAHAA WTF. HAHAHAHAA!

With the golden ballerinas!

And oh yeah I did my hair at a hair academy! Everything is totally free and I even got paid for it. Hahahaha! The pros of being a hair model. So my hair changes from this....

to this. :) Dyed it brown and permed the ends! Feel more like a lady now! Hahaha! :) I like it.

Till then! I have to catch the 10am class now! Ciao!!!!

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