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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

100th Day Celebration!

Just realised my blog title sounds like some kinda relationship's anniversary celebration LOL.

Before I elaborate more, do you guys still remember this picture? Probably not, because I blogged about this in my old blog. LOL LOL.

It was 2 years ago, 6th November 2011, on my lil aunt's wedding! :D
I feel awkward calling her aunt because she's just like a few years older than me!
So small-sized and pretty! And her husband really really handsome one! :DDDDD

On the left was Hirai san, LOL LOL, camera-shy face. And that time my hair was just shoulder length. T____T My hair grow so slow. Still not long enough until now. Tsk tsk.

Time flies!!! 3 days ago, I was invited to the 100th day celebration of my lil aunt's (Boyi) new-born baby!!!!!

I'm curious, is this some kinda China Chinese thing? Because I never heard of 100th day celebration in Malaysia before, I just know about 满月 which should be one-month celebration after the baby is born?

So many people were invited! Around 50 to 60 people! :DDDDDD We dined in a Shanghai restaurant called Harvest Day.

The 甲鱼!!!!!!!! 
Scared the hell out of me because I never eaten any of this before. T________T

Though I was told that its soft shell is very good for women's health. LOL. Should eat more. 

So I forced myself to eat without thinking of its head. O.O!!!!!

Pretty mama and chubby baby!

The happy family!

Super cute cake from Paris Baquette! This pinky one is for the main table.

The other 5 tables all get chocolate cakes like this. :)))))

Now I'll show you a series of photos of the happy family. Focus on the baby's expression LOL LOL. 

It is supposed to be his big day but he looks so grumpy and sleepy hahahahaha!!!!!!

Can't blame him because everyone wants to hug him, he had been passed from one hand to the other. Cannot rest at all. That's why he was in such a foul mood. LOLLLL.

My only picture with the happy family that day! :))))

Btw really love this jacket from Forever 21. It is very OL-ish and ladylike. 
Buttoned up.

Without buttoning.

Selca mode switched on.

I turned my head towards the bunny cage and saw bunny looking at me with this judgemental look.

Hmph, don't care. LOL. 不管它~~~ It always give me that look when I selca. Hahahaha.

Btw I like how long my hair looks in this pic! I wanna have really long hair! :DDDD

Till the next post!!!!

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