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Monday, March 11, 2013


LOL, guess everyone knows what does TGIF (Thank God It's Friday) means. Do you know what's FMIM? :D
I'm totally in the FMIM mood today because F*** Me It's Monday!!!!!! T_______T

I'm now sitting in front of the lappy, typing with heavy eyebags and dark circles because I've been having classes from 8am until 7pm wtf!!!!!!  

8.30am to 9.15am: Piano class
10am  to 11.30am: Ear Training class
11.30am to 12.30pm: Violin class
1.30pm to 3pm: String Ensemble
4.30pm to 7pm: String Quartet

Somemore all of them needs a lot of attention, not like those sports classes/history/theory classes when I can slack a bit. T_____T All practical one omg. Brain cells all dead. T_______T


Well, anyway I learnt so much today, that's actually a really good thing! :DDD Had a lot of fun especially during String Ensemble and String Quartet time! :) Though I think I'll have to hit the sack real soon or else I'll have migraines soon. T________T

Btw I'll update my blog before it goes rusty. :D
Going to post some food and shopping pictures dated a few days ago! :) Went shopping with my darling YiGuo since she got back to Shanghai! :DDDD

We had dinner at this Japanese Creative Cuisine restaurant called Yin Zhu.

My date of the day, YiGuo. :)

Let's talk about the food.
It kinda...... sucks. :(
I was totally disappointed with the food because I have really high expectation for it as the ambience of the restaurant is really nice and there are a lot of customers inside.

I ordered Eel fried rice and I got this really sticky plate of rice that is overly sweet. T_______T
It feels like I'm eating some kind of dessert instead of rice!!!!!! TOO SWEET!!!! T____T

Yiguo got a bowl of Kimchi beef rice and tiramisu sundae for dessert.
The beef rice is pretty good but the tiramisu sundae is just so-so. :(

It looks pretty enough though. LOL. Definitely not coming to eat here anymore.

We went to Forever 21 to do some shopping later! :) 
It's full of pretty and colourful clothes inside, Spring is coming woohoooooo!!!!!!!

Saw some stuff that I wanted to get but maybe I'll wait until I earn more money LOL. Besides the weather is too cold now to wear any of the Spring items.

Gradient Top from Forever 21
Silver necklace from Forever 21
Jeans from Vero Moda
Long boots from ZARA.

Some pictures I took in the violin-making studio of our conservatory when I sent my violin to be fixed a few days ago! :D

Violin-making seems like a really hard and intricate process.

And lastly, the biggest cat in our dorm!!!!!! Fei Fei! It is sooooo fat and fluffy I'm gonna die. Really want to hug it but it bites, so I don't dare to. T_____T
*runs back to my room to hug my bunny* LOL

So yeah that's all for today, will try to blog more tomorrow. Hehehe. Only got one class tomorrow thank god. :)))))

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