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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Random Ranting.

Sorry people, I don't really have much time to blog lately. There are quite a lot of gigs so I have to work almost everyday. :'(

Anyway that's a good thing, because gigs are my main source of income, to keep me surviving every month, providing me financial support to buy food and clothes LOL LOL LOL. :DDD 

Yeah, I try my best not to ask my parents to send me money because the living cost in Shanghai is really high and I don't want to burden them. 

My gig photos are piling up so high I think I can make 3 posts out of them, hahahaha! I've been to some pretty interesting weddings/events, can't wait to tell you guys about it!!! :DDDDD

I want to complain!!!!!!! 
I have accepted an orchestra gig last week and turn out there's another gig crashing, so I found a guy in my class to replace me. I told him the time and place and he said no problem, he'll go. Then on 24th March, which was the day the orchestra gig starting, the orchestra admin called me and asked me why I didn't go. I was like, omg teacher, the guy who replace me didn't go? He said no. So I called the guy and asked him and he said I THOUGHT YOU TOLD ME IT'S MONDAY(25th March)???? O____O What??? And he said he was busy so he couldn't go to the rehearsal that day.

I apologised to the teacher profusedly and the guy promised to go the next day. Guess what? The next day he came to me in the class and said, "Uhm... I think I don't want to go already laaaaa. My friends will go to WuXi for a vacation next week and I want to join them." HELLO WTH?!?!??!! I told him, "哇,你可不可以不要这么不靠谱啊??" He just laughed and he said he was kidding.

Later he called me again and said he REALLY don't want to go already. So I said, "Well you have to find someone to replace you! If you cannot go, then you shouldn't agree to go in the first place!" He was like, "You find lo, you find lo."

WAAAAAAAAAAAAA 要死啊!!! I was so angry I lazy choi him, just hung up after telling him to find himself. After 10 minutes he called me back and said he found someone already, and he gave me the name. I asked him, "Do you have her phone number?" He said, "Nope, I just know her name." TRIPLE WTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
I already got totally speechless. Then I said, "You should tell the orchestra admin yourself. Tell him you're not going and who's replacing you."

You know what he said, he said, "I don't want, I scare. You tell lo. You're so cute the orchestra admin won't get angry with you hahaha."

HAHAHA???? What HAHAHA SUMMORE?!?!?!?! 真的要死啊????!!!! 气死我了!!! Where got such irresponsible people one!!! Simply promise people he'll go, and after that simply said, "ahh I'm not going". That's fine, at least have to take the responsibility of looking for the replacement and calling the orchestra admin himself. Found someone and didn't get the phone number, and don't want to call the admin! O.O 

In the end, I gave up and went to search for the replacement girl's phone number and texted the orchestra admin myself. =.='''' I'll never ever find this guy to replace me in any gigs in the future anymore. 太不靠谱了!!!!!!!

Phew okay feel better after ranting. LOL.
*calm mode switched on*

I wanna show you guys this cutie I found when I went shopping with Mei Ling a few days ago! :DDD It is so super duper fluffy!!!! Want to get one in the future hehehe!

Btw my darling neighbour, Sayuri, was going to leave Shanghai so we had farewell dinner and desserts together.
Forgot to take pictures during dinner time so we made it up when we looked for desserts! :D

Tried out this little bar on Yong Kang Road. 
The desserts looked nice but didn't taste that good. :(

Here's the Chocolate cake! I ordered chocolate brownie and Sayuri ordered this, but when it came I thought this one was mine. So.....

I very unashamedly took tons of pictures with it.

That is still not the worst part.

I even....

Ended up licking the cherry after this pose. LOL. Then my brownie came and I was like What? That one is mine? Not this one???

But the damage is done. Sorry Sayuri. 
In the end we exchanged cherries. Hahahahahaha!

Ellen's cheesecake with a very scary-looking GREEN cherry on top.
Btw I ate my red cherry and it tasted like medicine. Ugh.
So I bet this green one is even worse. 
Ellen decided not to try and leave that as a mystery.

My pretty roomie, Tuya! She's busy instagraming our pictures! hahaha!

Group shot thanks to the owner! Btw it was kinda annoying because there are some security-guard uncle kept guarding beside us throughout the dessert-time as if we were some criminals.

It's because Yong Kang Road used to be really boisterous and noisy at night because there are a lot of bars there. So the people living on the 2nd floor couldn't sleep at night. They complained to the police probably and hence the guards standing guard and would go hush anyone who talks too loud. 

Bummer. :( Anyway we didn't make much noise except chatting. Hahaha :)))))

So when we went home, the uncle even waved to us and said goodbye. :DDDD

Right, have to go to the morning ear-training class now. Ciao babehs. :D

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