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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Pinky Birthday Of A 50-Year-Old Uncle.

Well, very weird title, but that's really what is going on. LOL.
When I went to the gig, and saw all those pink decorations I totally thought we were in some teenage girl's birthday party.

And then I saw the decoration wall that said "Happy 50th Birthday!" and was full of an uncle's pictures with his family. I was like, "What?????"

It appeared to be a 50-yr-old businessman's birthday! And I have no idea WHY everything is so PINK. O_____O Sorry, not trying to be judgemental, but isn't pink a girl thing? Hahaha!

Before showing you guys the pinkness, here're 2 pictures of me in my white dress, and hey something new: the furry lil jacket-thingy given by one of the sisters. The weather was still pretty cold then.

Right! Let's have some pink, shall we! :DDDDD

I was totally in love with these cupcakes!!!!!! This is too pretty omg. Really wanna show this to Joanna Foo, I bet she'll be able to make the same ones (or even prettier ones) out!!! :D

Oh yeah just in case you guys haven't seen Joanna's Snowery Designer Cakes, check it out HERE.
She's a very very talented cake designer in my hometown! :)

One good thing about going to gigs. I get to know a lot of pretty girls! LOL!
Here's one super pretty girl. Her name is Shi Yi. :)诗意.
诗情画意~~~ what a good name! hahaha!

Guess what? She has a twin sister that looks EXACTLY LIKE HER. I mean of course twins look the same, but usually there's still some way to differentiate them. But they REALLY look alike so until now I still dunno who is who. XD

She's a cellist and her elder sister is a flutist. :) 
诗意和诗雨. Such pretty names, really match them. :)))))

Look at this beautiful beautiful cake!!!!
Already a lot of people asked me which bakery was this cake from after I posted this picture on my WeChat.

I really regretted not asking about that when I was there. T________T


There's not just one cake, but a few smaller double-tiered cakes as well!!!!

Can you see the silver beads on the cake? They're not just decoration, they're actually LIGHTS that will light up later at the ceremony OMGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loving the cakes!!!!!!!!

They say Spring in Shanghai is not just Spring alone.
Do you understand this?
Spring in Shanghai is a very very very unpredictable weather.
It consisted of all 4 seasons.

For example, it can be bloodily hot in the afternoon (which is just like summer) and one hour later, the sky suddenly turns dark and the temperature drop like crazy, so it immediately goes from summer to winter again. 

T_____T Seriously dunno how to wear my clothes. T______T Wear too much cannot, wear too little also cannot. Haih.

It gets kinda hot wearing this furry jacket-thingy already.

Oh yeah, the other 2 girls from the gig that day! :)))))))))) They're really really nice people!!!!!

Take off the furry jacket coz too hot. T____T Unpredictable weather wtf.
Here's my own bling bling one-shoulder white gown. ^o^

You know, sometimes going to gigs make me cry, because it can get really touching.

On the ceremony, there was a video for the birthday uncle from his wife and daughter in Canada. They couldn't make it back to Shanghai to celebrate his birthday with him because his daughter needed to study and his wife was there to take care of the daughter.

In the video, the wife and the daughter told him how much they love him and how they wish to celebrate together with them. It was a very simple video but really really touching.

The businessman already teared a bit after watching the video and he gave a speech saying that he regretted that his wife and daughter couldn't be there for him that evening, but at the same time, he didn't regret it because his daughter is really really precious to him and he needs his wife to take good care of her for him.

The MC of the evening said there was a surprise for him after he gave the speech. 

Nobody was expecting that because in the video she already told everyone that she couldn't make it back!

The businessman cried so hard and hugged her so happily. I couldn't help myself when I saw that scene and I teared a bit. *quickly wipe away just in case anyone saw LOL*

A quick snapshot before our string quartet left the room. :)

:) That's why I enjoy going to gigs. :))) I can share some of the love and happiness from others. :))))

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