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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Back To School.

Hello peeps! Finally my idle winter holidays ended and I'm back in Shanghai to continue my hectic school life. It feels good to see all my friends again and to walk around Shanghai! :DDDD

Didn't get to blog for these few days because I've totally no time, and besides, the FB and Blogger speed here is super slow due to the annoying internet ban system in China. :( It's a real mood-spoiler when it takes a really long time for the pictures to be uploaded and stuff.

So far I only get to update my pics on instagram because that's the most convenient and fastest way yet. Haha! So for those who haven't follow me on instagram, please follow me now at @xixikhor now! :DDD

Anyway I'm going to blog a bit now about my last evening in Malaysia and my first 2 days in Shanghai! :)))))

My uncle and aunt in KL brought my dad and I to eat these really yummy fishheads!!! The portion is totally generous and the taste is heavenly!!!!!!!
I'm so happy to get to eat these for supper before flying the next morning!!!

Got to the airport around 6am and boarded the plane at 8.10am! The flight was really smooth and I reached Hangzhou 20 minutes earlier than scheduled time!

First evening in Shanghai! Meet up with Hirai and we went to XinTianDi. :)))
There's this really interesting huge elephant that can MOVE!!!!! Quite scary when I saw it for the first time!!! So real omg. XDDDD

The very very very very special Marilyn Monroe's picture. Why do I say that it is so special?? Read below......

Because everything is made out of TOAST!!!!!!!! Cool huh????

After having some Japanese dinner, we stopped by a really pretty-looking Spanish restaurant called Bellotas and had caramel pudding for dessert! It tastes so good omg!!!

Btw Bellotas has this huge pig-shaped outside the cafe. XDDD It just feel kinda funny to see anyone putting pig as their shop label! LOLLLL!!!

Finally get to see my baby bunny after 1 month plus!!! It has become so slim already! LOL! Last time it's so round and now it has slim down, it can jump so much higher and run so much faster. Guess it's a good thing. LOL.

And the second day in Shanghai, I had my first Harmony group class where the teacher is super funny and cool. :D Can't wait for the next lesson!!! Btw which reminds me I need to go to his website to download the homework to do. LOL. =.='''

In the evening, I had dinner with my darling Astghik (Xing Xing) and Ai Ai! :))))

My baby girl, Xing Xing gave me this awesome possum chocolate heels with my name written on it!!!!!! Amazing not?!?!?!?!!

I was like sooooo crazily happy when I saw it! My very first chocolate high heel in my life okay?! XDDDDD

I'm not going to eat it. Sorry darling. Hahahahaha. I need to put it in a fridge or something and let it frozen for my entire life. XD

We girls had dinner at our all-time-fav Si Chuan cuisine restaurant: SzeChuan Citizen! :D

The lighting there was pretty good for selca pics so I used my front camera and started snapping. Hahahaha.

Then the girls joined too! LOL LOL!!!!!!!

After the dinner, I went back and lepak at Xing Xing and Ai Ai's room.(They are roommates btw) Then I commented that their room was really messy. (LOL, like mine wasn't messier!!!!!) Hahaha!
Then Xing Xing was adamant and insisted that she was a very clean person. The room was so messy because she just got back from Armenia and didn't have time to clean it. I was like, "But it's already so messy when I saw it last semester!" :DDDDD

LOL. That was the last straw for Xing Xing. She said she would clean it up and show me the super clean room next time. I said okayyy I'll wait for that and I went back to my room. LOL.

About 1 hour later, I went downstairs to celebrate Imelda's birthday bash and SAW THIS.

I was like totally *jawdropped* and then I saw Xing Xing, Ai Ai and Maggie working really hard and continued pilling MORE THINGS onto the already-crazily-stacked pile.

LOL!!!! They took my words so seriously and now the 3 of them already started cleaning their rooms already!!!!!! OMGGGGG!!!! Hahahaha! My words so important one meh? LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!

I saw a lot of shoes/boots/winter clothes were thrown out. And hey wait a minute, did I just saw some Erhu and Violin case too???? You guys sure there's no instrument inside? LOL!!!!!

Can't wait to see their new spanking clean rooms. Speaking of which, I should probably start cleaning mine too. T________T
Mine is like the messiest room in the dorm I guess. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! So free go say others' room messy, while the truth is I'm the dirtiest person ever. Hahahahaha!!!!!

Okay let's continue with Imelda's birthday bash! :DDDDD Jiun Hui, Irene, Ellen and I had bought a cake from Awfully Chocolate as a surprise gift for Imelda! :DDDDD

Happy birthday girl blowing out candles. :D

Well btw just in case you dunno. Awfully Chocolate is a really famous brand for chocolate cakes in Shanghai! :DDDDDD The taste is really rich unlike the usual chocolate cakes elsewhere. It's more costly too but totally worth it! :))))

The cake for the night was Chocolate Banana! :)

We also had the plum wine brewed by Irene herself!!! It tastes really good!!! Though we all didn't dare to drink too much because the alcohol content is like 58%! :DDDD


So yeah till the next post!!!!

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