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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

Oh hey! Today I've actually decided to do an up-to-date post. My posts are always overdued. LOL. So now I'm going to do an Easter post on Easter Day! :))))))

Yesterday I posted this on my FB.

And TADAA!!!! Here are the eggs I coloured! Pretty not??? 
I'm so proud of myself, can't believe I actually did this on the first time!

T______T Okay lah, I should stop bragging. 
Actually I did nothing except playing egg-fighting and shamelessly eating bread with cheese. 
The pretty girl below did all the hard work. LOL LOL.
Pity her to have me as her spoilt friend hahaha!!!

So here I present you, our egg-colouring teacher of the day, the beautiful Astghik! Hahahaha!

Or you can just call her Xing Xing la since her name quite hard to pronounce. Astghik means star, so her Chinese name is Xing Xing. Haha!

First, of course, you needs some eggs to start with.

Boil the eggs for 10 minutes so it'll be safely edible. Not that I don't trust China's eggs LOL.

The colouring powder all the way from Armenia. Hahaha. Look pretty gross because some of the contents came out and it becomes pretty sticky.

Put the powder in some glass container (in this case, I only have my glasses so...) and put hot water in it. Mix evenly and you can put the eggs inside! :)

Red and yellow!

At the mean time, we enjoyed the Armenian's Telak Cheese with bread. :)
I commented that it looks like noodles, and Xing Xing's friends said it is Cheese Noodle from Armenia. 
Not sure if they're just pranking me because they're too good at joking! LOL. Now I can't differentiate which one is joke and which is the truth. T____T

Hardworking girl LOL. If you notice, now we have green colour in the basin.

I'm eating shamelessly at the same time, so show you a picture of what I ate. Hahahaha.
I put some cheese noodle to go with my bread. It is really yum! :) Tasted kinda salty. ;))

The bread that Xing Xing's Armenian friend (sorry I don't know his name T____T) said that he made. LOL. He said his major is baking bread and he already have lots of branches in Shanghai and Armenia, the name of the shop is Su She Bakery. (宿舍面包店) 

Yeah, right dude, you win. *roll eyes* LOL.

The cheese noodle! :DDDD

And then we have blue colour as well!!!!
This colour is hypnotic.

Took out the eggs after 15 minutes!

Some pictures while waiting for the eggs to dry themselves.
On the right is our dormitory's aunt! :DDDD We love her! She's always so nice!

Group pic! Took this using the voice control. Say "Capture!" Hahaha!
The 2 dudes at the back are Xing Xing's Armenian friends! :)
On the left is the one major in baking bread. Yoohoo! Hahaha!
And on the right is Gevorg, he went to the Jennifer Lopez's concert with us last time!

Cleaning up. Still thinking this is really edible??? O.O LOL.

Done! Hahahaha!!!!


Egg fighting starts!
The rule is one people gets to hit the other egg, the egg which cracks is considered lost. And the loser will have to give the egg to the winner. Hahaha.

I lost. T_____T K.O.
Green team wins.

We ate the eggs right after! Actually should eat the eggs on Easter morning, but since Xing Xing's friends are not coming tomorrow so we eat the eggs immediately. Haha.

Can eat like this with the bread! Sprinkle some salt on top. :)

With the new friend in our dorm! Oliver from Germany! :)
He's super friendly!

That was my first time celebrating Easter, and it was so fun! :DDDDD
Thank you darling Xing Xing for inviting me! :DDDDDD Awesome max, next year let's do it again! And next year I want to draw stuff on the eggs and paint them! ;DDD

Btw I bought some accessories from Taobao! :) And they have just arrived!

Let's show you guys! :)
This car-ear ring is not what I bought, it's a gift sent by the shop. Haha. Quite cute!

Tadaa! The necklaces I bought! Each only RM 3! 
Mad cheap can???
And the quality is sooooo good!
This kinda necklace if you buy in Forever 21/H&M at least need RM 20 above kay? LOL.

So happy! Going to get more next time! :)

Right I need to get some lunch now. :)))
Ciao bellas!

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