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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Smile, Cheese, Capture & Shoot!

I'm feeling extremely drowsy right now. They say it's the pollen(花粉) floating in the air that causes all these drowsiness, breathing difficulties or skin allergic. LOL. Spring isn't that beautiful as it sounds yeah? :D 

I don't have any allergy to pollen but a lot of my friends arround me do, and they are all sneezing and sick all the time. Pity them. :(((

Btw it's now Peach Blossom Festival (桃花节) in Shanghai. And my friend, Martin just called me to join this free trip to the park, where they will get us free lunch and food as long as we girls take pictures with the flowers. And they'll upload the pictures to their website as some commercial tactics. 

I have been wanting to go to watch the beautiful blossoms for a long time! I heard Tong Ji University already has lots of sakura blossoms!!!!!! How beautiful! I want to go I want to go!!!!!! Don't really know the difference between peach blossoms and sakura blossoms but I guess both are super beautiful! :DDDD

Will show you guys pictures after I go to the Peach Blossom Festival trip this Saturday! ;) Stay tuned. :D

Okay back to my post. LOL.
I wanna teach you guys how to use your voice to take pictures using Samsung Galaxy SIII! :D
Anyone out there who's using Samsung Galaxy SIII? :DDDD

A big thanks to Zhen Xiang for teaching me this. He actually spends time to figure out all those smartphone's abilities himself. Very pro. :D

This you guys might like this, so hope you enjoy! :D

Follow these steps below:

1) Go to Settings
2) Tap on the "Language and input"
3) Choose "Voice search"
4) Switch on "Voice cmd for apps"
5) Tick on the box for "Camera"

Then Voila! :D Now you can use your voice to take pictures! :DDDD

I tried all the "Smile, Cheese, Capture, Shoot" and I think Capture works best for my phone. You go try and let me know which word works best on your phone yeah! :)

All these pictures in this post is captured using the voice control system! :DDDDD Wheeheeee!

With Mei Ling! She had the new purple cons on and she hated it. I think it is not THAT bad laaaa. Coloured contacts especially these kinda stand-out colours need thicker make-up so it wouldn't look so scary, I guess. :)

Her hair colour has faded to this! :D
Pinkish on the left and bluish on the right. :) Interesting!

I'm still mesmerized with the hair colour even though I can see her everyday. XD

That day was the only day that was hot enough for me to wear like this. Hahaha.But it rained so heavily in the evening and the temperature dropped to winter mode. =.='''

Ignore my fat legs. T______T

Oh yeah did I mention? After you say "Capture!" You have about 1 second to adjust your expression before the phone camera starts to snap. :D So you better think beforehand what expression you want or else you gonna turn out looking funny in the pictures LOL LOL.

Take this using voice control too! XD
Smile right after I talk. LOLLL. Very hard to control the timing but I'm a pro. Cehceh. XD

The flowers on the trees! I stretched my hands as far as they could go and stood on tiptoe. Then I yelled, "CAPTURE!"
This is the picture I got. Hahaha.
A bit out of focus probably because I'm wobbling on tiptoes. T_____T

You guys go try and let me know how it works out for you! :)
It doesn't work at all if your battery is too low! :D

Have fun! Ciao!!!

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