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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Have Peacock Hair Now!!!!!!!! :D

You know how much in trend is dip-dye and colourful highlights? 

If you don't, well, I do, and it has been getting into my head lately so I actually went to find my hairstylist and did this totally sick-but-cool peacock/fighting fish colour to my hair now!!!

Nice or not???
Cool or not?????????

Okay lah, guess by now you all already know how much I like to lie. Hahahahahahahahaa!!!
I'm a very dishonest person on the internet. Muahahahahaa.
In real life very honest one la. Aiyo. XDDD

Actually it's my friend, Mei Ling who did this awesome highlights to her hair lahhh. XD

My hair is still in the boring dark brown shade. LOL LOL. Don't have the guts to do this crazy hair colour. XDDDDD Maybe one day... one day. :)

Forced my darling to pose for me. She complained that she's like some animal in the zoo, everyone keeps asking to take pictures of her after she changes to this new hair colour. Hahahahahaha!

Her base colour is some red colour and she highlights some of them with blue and purple colour! :DDDD

Btw she said her face doesn't look nice so she asked me to cover it up. LOL.

She did this at a Japanese hair saloon. I was like no wonder looks so nice la. :DDD Japanese hair stylists are the best!!!!!!! :DDDDD

Quite costly though, it costed her RMB 2000 altogether, which is like RM 1000.

Back view.

The red colour is only obvious under the sunlight.
This picture is taken in the room with low light. :) Still look really good!

Flashed picture! If you look carefully. The blue colour part is actually Blue hair dip-dyed with purple!!!!!!!!!!! So it's like gradient!!!! So cool!

Requested her to send these pictures of hers to me so I can show you guys here. :)
These are the pictures she took right after the hair colouring + highlights were done.

Awesome hair! :DDDDD I'm trying really hard to leave my hair to her length. Hahahaha and when I get to that length I MIGHT do something crazy to my hair. See how. Hahahahaha! :DDDD

Gotta go practise now! Ciao peeps! :DDDDD

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