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Monday, March 25, 2013

Orchestra Photoshoot and Erika's Birthday!

Heeeeeyyyyyy peepooooooooo, finally some updates about my life. Hahahahahaha.
Long overdued pictures btw, I'll be more efficient. :))))

Last week Xing Xing and I went to an orchestra photoshoot for a coming project in June! :) Dunno why need to be so pro everyone needs to get together to take the orchestra picture and also have 10 solo pictures for each orchestra member. O.O

Dress code: All black. 
Request: Light Make-up.

This pretty girl in the middle is my classmate, Jie Wan! :) She's so pretty right??

Who's this beautiful waitress??? :DDDDD

Solo pictures on the staircase.

Jie Wan is very small size, like Xing Xing. So the viola looks really big with her. XDDDD

Playing with the holes of a very unique tree. XD

Hahaha, while waiting for others to get ready for the photoshoot, cute picture of Xing Xing!

Got this picture from WeChat. A girl uploaded it. XD Hahaha! Can you spot me???

On the very same day is Erika's birthday! I didn't know it at first because when she texted me a week ago all she said was all of us would have dinner together at a Korean restaurant. So I thought it will just be a normal gathering dinner. 
That evening when everyone was gathering downstairs at our dormitory, I saw some people holding birthday presents and birthday cake, I was like SHIT I DIDN'T BUY ANY PRESENT!

When I got there, I immediately apologised to Erika and promised I would give her the present the next day. LOL. She was so cute and said, "NONONONOOOOOOOO YOU DON'T HAVE TO GIVE ME!!!!" 

LOL. No, birthday girl, not I have to, but I want to. ;DDDD

Some pictures from that birthday dinner!
Sitting right opposite me is Natasha, Sally and Lan Xiang.

And my side is Othnok, Zhen Xiang and me! 

A picture with my fellow Malaysian! :DDDD Chatted a lot with him and really happy to use Malaysian slang again hahahahaha!!!

Here's the birthday girl! She's like the happiest girl I've ever seen. Always smiling always so positive. 
You just look at how she smile you'll know how joyful is this pretty girl. Hahaha.
She's just like a sunshine, shining all the time. I seriously never seen her looking unhappy before. XD

Happy 25th birthday!!!

So many people came that day! :DDDD

Stay tuned for the next post! :DDDDD

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