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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Heading Back.

This is just something randomly updated out of boredom. :P Luggage's packed and I'm prepared for my ass to suffer through the altogether-14-hours-journey these 2 days. (6 hours to KL and 8 hours from KL - HangZhou - Shanghai) 

Going to miss Malaysia, at the same time can't wait to go back to school and meet my schoolmates, and of course go for classes! :DDDD Nothing is more rejuvenating than that. The healthy competition, challenge, awesome teachers and tons of musical activities really make me feel alive. I'm really grateful that I'm able to study something that I really really enjoy. :)

Despite looking forward to the school-reopening, I'm really worried about my mom's health condition too. I usually don't write this kinda emo stuff online because I don't like to whine. You get nothing out of whining. And I want my blog to be a positive site. Anyway I'm writing this because I really hope you guys to really appreciate your parents. Especially those who are always yelling at them, or turning a deaf ear when they lecture  you etc. Just please, appreciate them, love them and stop being a brat. I'm afraid to say this, but one day they might leave us. So please, just cherish every single moment you're with them. Talk to them, do house chores for them, treat them like king and queen, do good in your studies so that they'll be proud of you. 

I just want my mom to get well sooner. 

Btw my mom reads my blog everyday, or maybe a lot of times in one day, but I'm not worried that she'll read this because she usually just look at pictures! :)

As for dad, if you're reading this, take good care of yourself too and don't get too stressed about work and mom's health. Drink more warm water, no more cold beverages before bed!!! Sleep earlier and eat more!!! I'll try my best to earn more money to cover my own expenses in Shanghai, don't worry. :)

Omg shit, this post is getting so emo, I have to stop. Hahaha.
Some selca pics from 2 days ago. :)

Right peeps, see you guys again soon! :)

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