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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Can I Have A TED Bear Please?

Sup babehs! How's your day? Today is a gloomy cloudy-possibly-rainy day in Shanghai. :( Total bummer.

Decided to update my blog before my pictures got piled up like a mountain again. LOL. Everyday got new things to blog hahaha. Shanghai is a happening place! (I think I said this lotsa times before but still! XD)

Some pictures dated back to my horrible FMIM! :DDDD
My last class of Monday, String quartet! :D

Pictures with my darling girl while waiting for our teacher. :)

Some shocking pictures taken in one of the practice rooms. Don't know who the heck did this, crazy or what????
I bet must be some people who have gone mad because of stress? Or else who will did this to a piano???? WTF???

Imagine he/she/they actually pluck off the keys one by one????? There are only 3 black keys on the piano. 

I think the school should probably put CCTV inside the practice rooms to catch the culprit geez. :(((((

Saw my favourite "person" in Shanghai a few days ago!!!!!!! My darling TED! 

LOL, it's actually a special guest for a night club. Hahahaha!
MY BOYFRIEND TED. *look at the signboard*

I'm in love with TED after watching the movie! Even though it's totally inappropriate and crazy but it is such a great friend and it will do everything for its bestfriend. T_____T
I cried when it was torn into half by that crazy man. :'(

Still, I think this giant TED that is taller than me is kinda creepy. Hahaha. I prefer the shorter teddy-bear-sized version. :D

I wonder how long does it take for it to dry out its cotton filling after bathing. Hahaha.

Hey not fair! Why only for MAN'S TED BEAR? I want one too!!!!!! :D

Btw I went to the market to get some veges/carrot for my bunny, and the vendor gave me this whole bag of carrots for just RMB 10/ RM 5!!!!!!!!

Inside got like 50 plus carrots I guess. LOL.
Everyone was staring at me when I carried this bag home. XD They must be thinking, this girl really loves eating carrot. LOL LOL.

Happy bunny is happy! It eats ravishingly until I have to give it 4 carrots a day! I guess the bag of carrots will finish up pretty soon.

Bunny has such awful double chin that it always get funny orange stains on its chin/neck after eating the carrots LOL!!!!!


Got a new travel bag for bunny in pink! It is a boy, should have bought blue, but I like pink. Sorry bunny. Hahahahaha!

To explain how my bunny can be so fat.
I bought snacks like these for it. =.= I don't even get to eat these myself wtf. 

Haha till then peepo! :D Ciao!

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