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Friday, March 8, 2013

You Know Sometimes You Just Can't Think Of A Title.

LOL. Crappy title, but I just can't think of anything to put there. Don't feel like putting stupid boring stuff like "Benefit Browbar + Chocolate + Sexy Back Dress". Hahahahaha, though that's pretty much what this post is about. XD

Happy Women's Day everyone!!! Did you guys celebrate it? Oddly enough, I don't recall any celebration regarding this day in Malaysia before. So this is pretty much just another holiday for me. 

My darling Mongolian roommate, Tuya, told me that they celebrate Women's Day in Mongolia where the guys will buy flowers for the women as a gesture of appreciation towards them. She just told me that yesterday night and guess what? Telmuun (also from Mongolia, my best guyfriend in the dorm including Jimmy LOL LOL) gave her a beautiful bouquet of flowers this morning!!!!!!

OMGGGGG I'm so jellyyyyyyy!!!! Now I want Malaysia to celebrate Women's Day like this too. Hahahahahah! Flowers flowers come to me. XDDDDD LOL just kidding. I don't really want to receive flowers because flowers will wither and die pretty quick. :(((

Okay let's come back to Benefit Browbar. :D
I didn't trim my brows for agessssss. I mean, I did went to Benefit Browbar like a year ago? And after that I just trim my brows myself. And since my trimming skill is pretty much zero. T___T So my brows have been pretty horrible so far. 

My brows have became uneven and ridiculous so I decided to visit Benefit Browbar again for the honey waxing.
The whole process is just 15 minutes long, where the beautician will patiently explain what she's doing to your brows step by step. 

She first applies a coat of warm honey wax on where she wants to get rid of the hair/brow. Then she put on a piece of cloth/paper. Here comes the painful part LOL. She then tore off the cloth/paper in lightning speed so I just feel really I got stung by a bee or something. Well, now don't be afraid to try it, it's painful at first but after you get used to it, it actually feels kinda nice. 痛到很爽一下 LOL LOL LOL. 

I requested for straighter brows because I really like how the Korean brows look like. And the beautician is really professional she knows exactly what I want.

Here's the end result! :DDDDDD

Love it so much! :DDDD Now I have perfect brows LOL LOL.

Btw here are some silly selcas I took in the practice room after practising for several hours.
Got pretty frustrated because some people at the other rooms were practising so loud (I'm saying the brass instruments) so I can't even hear what I'm playing myself. =.='''
They just like to practise without closing the door.
Hellooooo dude, close the door please. Really hate it. :( So inconsiderate.

One of my ways to release my frustration is like this. HAHAHAHAHA. Guess you guys already got used to that. XD
Btw, curls for the day because I let down my bun. XD Very messy I know. XD

Now that I'm looking at these pictures..... LOL. OMG, luckily no one peek into my practice room that time. Hahaha. Or else they might be thinking wth am I doing? XD

Oh yeah, I forgot to talk about the beautiful packaging of the chocolate heels given by my darling Xing Xing! :DDDDD
This bag is like superrrrrr cute!!!!!!!!!!!
With this little angelic girl eating chocolate and getting them all smeared on her little face. And her hair so fashionably messy LOL LOL!!!!

You know one of the biggest problem of the girls? We have so many clothes in our closet but everyday we just open it and whine, "OMG I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!"

Yes, I'm one of them. T_T
So that day I was looking around in my closet which is bursting with clothes but I couldn't find anything I want to wear. Suddenly I found this simple black dress from H&M given by Rena last semester! :DDDDD 
And I was like, hell yeah, I'll wear this. >:)

Face not nice so hide it with a bowl of ramen. :D
Ignore the horribly dirty mirror and please imagine it as some sort of artistic edit I done to my picture. :)

The dress looks normal at the front.... but...

It has a surprise at the back!!!!!! Totally love the criss-cross back! :DDDD
Going to find some cut-out dresses for this Spring/Summer! :DDDDDDD

Gee, I realise I can only update during midnight when I'm in Shanghai. T_______T 
So till then peepo!!!! Good night!!!!!

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